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Tiamonds born from a passion for tokenization – SUCCESS STORY

We did it together! The community’s contribution to Tiamond’s success is commendable and important to us.

LCX would like to thank the community for making Tiamonds such a big success and for staying with us steadily throughout the journey. Each member of this community deserves to know the stats that depict the success of Tiamonds.

Total Tiamonds launched 100
Fixed sale maximum LCX staking amount 1000000 LCX
Fixed Sale Total Amount 398000.0 LCX
Auction Sale Total Amount 2872000 LCX
Highest Auction Sale Amount 92000 LCX 
Total Tiamonds: Sold: 29.0  (Fixed)+ 50.0 (Auction) 79 Tiamonds
Amount of LCX staked for fixed sale 14,750,000 

Though NFTs have been around for some time, adding something more profound and new to them is always a good thought. So with complete enthusiasm and energy the CEO and founder of LCX Monty Metzger thought of creating an asset-backed NFT and liquefying the hard asset – Diamonds. 

Generally diamond values are tracked with gold and silver but when you make them tradeable their investment becomes diversified. 

Tiamonds was created with the intention of diversifying the community’s investment portfolio and adding diamonds to it. The first drop was a huge success, and the community lauded the concept and the LCX team’s efforts.

Trading Diamonds was never so easy, but LCX made sure to make it simple, straight and easily accessible for the community. Even the governance of Tiamonds is so strong that the community has the right to decide the next step in the Tiamonds journey. And this recent instance proves it – we shared a latest proposal and asked our community whether we should launch Tiamonds Celebrity Edition or not, and 90% accepted the proposal. 

It’s extremely overwhelming and so exhilarating that the community wants to see what’s coming up next in the Tiamonds project and is ready to give their complete support. 

The Tiamonds NFT marketplace was a success because the platform was simple to use, the procedure for purchasing Tiamonds was simple and straightforward, and the concept of asset-backed NFT was appealing. The Tiamonds owners even received a $TIA Token reward and thoroughly enjoyed the entire journey.

We are so overwhelmed by the community’s response, support, and love that we are considering taking the Tiamonds project to the next level. Details will be shared with the community via our social media channels and newsletter, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on what’s new in the LCX ecosystem.

This is just the beginning of a great journey. We are working on the next phase of Tiamonds and will need more support and love from the community. 

LCX Tiamonds Success Story
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