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Tiamonds Certification

Diamonds are one of the most luxurious elements present on Earth. All diamonds are unique and have a specific luster to them. As we move into the digital age, we are transforming everything into a virtual form and diamonds are no exception. LCX has introduced Tiamonds, the non-fungible tokens that provide ownership rights to real world diamonds. 

Tiamonds NFTs are based on Ethereum and are governed by the LCX regulatory framework. All tokenized diamonds can be easily  traded on NFT marketplaces such as Tiamonds and Opensea. The owner can even opt for redemption and the physical diamonds will be sent to them. 

Each Tiamond is linked to a real diamond, and all these physical diamonds are stored in well-secured vaults in Liechtenstein. When it comes to the authenticity of these diamonds, LCX provides both a GIA certificate and a LCX certificate to ensure the customer has the best quality assets with rightful ownership.

What is diamond certification?

Accredited gemological laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), provide diamond certificates, or grading reports. The diamond certifications offer information and grades for each diamond’s qualities. The 4Cs that determine the diamond’s quality are carat weight, color, clarity, and cut quality. A diamond’s final grading has a significant impact on its price. 

Using professional tools such as a loupe or microscope, trained specialists assess, scrutinize, and measure the diamonds. Independent labs grade diamonds and issue certificates to prove their authenticity. 

Tiamonds certification

Just as the diamonds are certified by the accredited organizations, similarly, certificates are provided on the purchase of diamonds. When you own a Tiamond, you are provided with 2 certificates:

GIA certificate

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most well-known and reputable diamond grading organization. The greatest standards of  consistency, reliability, and integrity are represented by GIA reports. They are extremely reliable and offer the greatest level of assurance when purchasing a diamond.

The GIA Diamond Grading Report includes an evaluation of a diamond’s 4Cs— color, cut, clarity, and carat weight—as well as a plotted diagram of the diamond’s clarity characteristics and a visual depiction of the diamond’s proportions.

The GIA has no financial stake in the diamond’s sale and assesses diamonds based on a number of characteristics and features, including:

  • Diamond’s evaluation date
  • Measurements (in millimeters)
  • Girdle thickness
  • Color grade (ranging from D to J)
  • cutting style and diamond shape.
  • Table %
  • Depth %
  • culet size
  • Laser inscription (if applicable)
  • Carat weight
  • Symmetry
  • Security features
  • Cut grade (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Poor)
  • The diamond plot shows all blemishes and inclusions.
  • Fluorescence grade
  • Polish Grade
  • Grade Clarity
  • General comments

Because of GIA’s high reputation, proven consistency, and history, it is recommended to only buy diamonds with a GIA certificate.

LCX certificate

The LCX certificate serves as a proof of authenticity and provides information about the ownership of a specific Tiamond. The LCX certificate contains the following information:

  1. Name of the token issuer 
  2. Name of the digital token
  3. Name of trusted technology system 
  4. Embodied rights 

The right to design and share the LCX certificate comes under the authority of LCX only. This certificate will confirm that you are the owner of Tiamonds NFT. 

Certification is important to authorize the asset that you possess, and LCX understands that, hence offering 2 certificates to authorize your Tiamonds NFT ownership.

LCX Tiamonds Certification
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