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Tiamonds NFT: Unveiling the Next Batch of Dazzling Gems!

Esteemed collectors and enthusiasts, we are thrilled to unveil the next batch of tokenized diamonds in the world of NFTs – Tiamonds! This grand endeavor combines the allure of blockchain technology with the timeless beauty and value of real diamonds. Each Tiamond is a unique digital treasure, meticulously crafted with precision and infused with the brilliance of blockchain technology. Join us on this journey as we dive into the next batch of Tiamonds NFT.

This batch is carefully curated to showcase the natural beauty and rarity of 100 stunning diamonds. Each NFT in this collection represents a unique ownership stake in a corresponding real-world diamond, ensuring that the digital assets are fully asset-backed. This groundbreaking offering sets Tiamonds apart as an innovator, forging a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. LCX has acquired diamonds from a renowned distributor, securely storing them in a vault in Liechtenstein. The diamonds are insured by Lloyd’s London, ensuring their protection and peace of mind.

On June 3rd, 2023, we hosted the Tiamond Crypto Brunch at the esteemed Unpaired NFT gallery, Zug, Switzerland. This exclusive event was meticulously designed to showcase the unique and limited edition collection of Tiamonds, while simultaneously imparting comprehensive knowledge regarding the intricacies of Tiamond NFTs and their operational mechanisms to the discerning audience of NFT enthusiasts. The glimpses of the event

In addition to the remarkable diamond-backed NFTs, this new batch signifies a significant milestone for Tiamonds. We are proud to be the first project launched as a registered Physical Validator under Liechtenstein’s Blockchain laws. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of compliance and transparency. By adhering to these regulations, Tiamonds establishes a foundation of trust and assurance for all users, fostering a secure and reliable ecosystem.

With this batch, Tiamonds owners are going to experience the “Special Edition Tiamonds” that holds 500’000 TIA tokens. This special edition of diamonds will be auctioned, and we will announce the details on our official Tiamonds Twitter

Key Details about the Next Tiamonds Batch:

  • Public Sale: June 6th, 2023
  • Fixed Price Sales Duration: 66 days
  • Tiamonds Fixed Purchase Price 20,000 LCX + 10,000 LCX as Staking Amount for 1 year
  • Tiamond Fixed Price holders will receive 100,000 TIA tokens over a period of 100’000 minutes

Detail about “Tiamonds Special Edition” 

Owners of “Special Edition” Tiamonds is available in auction and the owner will receive 500,000 TIA Tokens over a period 500’000 minutes along with the actual NFT. The Auction sale minimum bid – 20’000 LCX

Tiamonds Number Auction End Days
#110 7 days
#120 8 days
#130 9 days
#140 10 days
#150 11 days
#151 11 days
#152 11 days
#153 11 days
#154 11 days
#155 11 days
#156 11 days
#157 11 days
#158 11 days
#159 11 days
#160 12 days
#170 13 days
#180 14 days
#190 15 days
#200 16 days

Auction ends on June 22nd 2023

Get your Tiamond here:

TIA Token Giveaway

Participate in the LCX Zealy Sprint 3  – Tiamonds. 

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