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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A vital layer of security for your Assets

It is essential to maintain online security. Protecting your financial accounts with complex passwords, password managers, and two-factor authentication (2FA) can help prevent malicious actors from gaining access to your data, assets, and identity. Online accounts can be compromised if best password security practices aren’t followed.

No matter where you store your assets, whether in a bank or an exchange, online methods of transaction leave you wondering about the security of your assets and account. Apparently, with increasing frauds, security issues, and hackers, it has become mandatory to add more layers of security to protect your personal information. However, usernames and passwords are no longer sufficient to ensure security.

The solution to this problem comes in the form of Two-Factor Authentication, an extra layer of security used to log into an account. Let’s walk you through all the details of Two Factor Authentication.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

A two-factor authentication system requires two entirely different types of information to access an account, each independent of the other. Apart from setting up the login password, a second input will be required to confirm that it is you who is logging in. 

The additional piece of information/input can be the security code, a one-time password that is sent to you through email or SMS to the phone via an authenticator. Another option is to verify via phone, where you’ll receive a call from a voice assistant reading the code to you.  

Authentication via biometrics is another method of establishing Two Factor Authentication. Smartphones have built-in sensors that allow you to scan your fingerprints and face for enhanced security. Smartphones have built-in sensors that allow you to scan your fingerprints and facial recognition for enhanced security. 

It is the most effective method to improve the security of your account with the increasing number of identity thefts, frauds, and hackers.  Let’s assume, someone has your password credentials, they can enter the first factor (password) but in the second factor, they need a security code, phone verification, or biometrics. This prevents them from accessing the account.  

Importance of 2FA with Cryptocurrency

Adding two-factor authentication to the account has become compulsory, especially with online wallet services or cryptocurrency exchanges. The ownership of a wallet is determined by access to private keys, “Not your keys, not your wallet.” Therefore, it is extremely important to secure your account and block the way for unauthorized access to private keys. 

LCX uses multi-factor authentication to add another layer of security, supplementing the username and password model with a code that a specific user can only access. LCX leverages Google Authenticator due to its popularity and ease of use. 

You can set up Two Factor Authentication in your account in the following ways: How to Enable Google Authentication (2FA)? – LCX


Every account requires strong authentication to protect it from danger. Two Factor Authentication has made it harder to steal by increasing privacy. The study has revealed that it has become easier to crack passwords with advanced technology. With Two Factor Authentication, if anyone tries to get access, you’ll receive the notification upon which you can take action to protect your account. We strongly recommend you always enable 2FA to keep your account secure.

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