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VIS Token Smart Contract Audit by Certik

Envision, the pioneering Web3 solution dedicated to stock content that aims to disrupt the stock content market with blockchain technology, chose to perform its smart contract audit with CertiK, the leading auditing platform for smart contract and blockchain audits, ensuring that its token is protected against some of the most critical vulnerabilities. With a platform that will be used across the world, Envision placed an extra emphasis on security, transparency and innovation, making CertiK a clear choice.

LCX has developed Envision’s utility token smart contract and acted as a Token Generator in accordance with the Blockchain Laws (TVTG) Liechtenstein. According to the Liechtenstein Blockchain Laws, the Trusted Technology Token Generator is one of the registered and regulated roles. LCX is approved and registered to perform this role. The Token Generator is a critical component for any compliant token sale.  You can find more information about the VIS Token

The audits conducted by CertiK are rigorously verified with Formal Verification, the pinnacle of source code validation. By leveraging rigorous mathematical theorems, Formal Verification goes beyond checking for bugs and vulnerabilities, checking for compliance with a program’s specification, computing all possible scenarios, and proving that certain vulnerabilities cannot exist.

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VIS Token Audit by CertiK

The Envision $VIS Token are developed by LCX. Certik performed an audit utilizing three essential analysis techniques: Dynamic, Static Analysis, and Manual Review techniques.

The VIS Token developed by LCX is a utility token. CERTIK conducted an audit utilizing three essential analysis techniques: Dynamic, Static, and Manual. 

The smart contract was thoroughly tested against multiple attack vectors, both common and uncommon. The codebase was audited by CertiK to ensure compliance with industry best practices and standards. Additionally, Certik will verify that the contract logic matches the specifications and intentions of the client. During the audit, contracts will also be compared with similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders, and a thorough manual review will be conducted by industry experts.

The Audit has been published and is available online at 

AUDIT RESULTS – A total of 5 issues were identified during the auditing process, 2 of which had informational issues, only 1 major, 1 medium, 1 minor. All the Issues have been acknowledged and 4 issues have been resolved as well as other issues have been mitigated.

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