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What is $AMP Token?

What is Amp?

Amp is represented as the new digital collateral token providing an instant, verifiable guarantee for any sort of value transfer. Utilizing Amp, networks such as Flexa can rapidly and permanently secure transactions for a vast type of asset-related use cases.

Who designed the $AMP token?

Amp was designed by the cryptocurrency company Flexa.

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How does AMP work?

Amp declares to provide a direct but multipurpose interface for verifiable collateralization with the help of a system of collateral managers and collateral partitions, where collateral partitions can be assigned to collateralize any application, account, or even transaction and transmit straight verifiable balances on the Ethereum blockchain. Collateral managers are smart contracts that can release, redirect and lock collateral in these partitions as required to assist activities of value transfer. Amp supports a vast range of use cases for collateralization and even establishes the conception of predefined partition techniques, permitting special capabilities like collateral models via which tokens can be staked, excluding ever leaving their original address.

Why $AMP Tokens Are Unique

Among cryptocurrencies, Amp tokens are unique as they work as their own smart contracts. Investors can utilize Amp as collateral for various cryptocurrency transactions, such as its parent cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

Three reasons to buy $AMP

  • The Flexa network has designed Amp, an instant cryptocurrency transaction feasible, with Amp, a collateralized token.
  • It has a fixed, non-inflationary supply of tokens, which will probably place upward pressure on price.
  • Flexa has a different and accelerating network of partnerships, probably to enhance the acceptance rate of Amp.

How to buy $AMP? 

You can buy, trade and store AMP at LCX Exchange. There are several trading pairs available with $AMP / EUR and $AMP/ $LCX.


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