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What Is Basic Attention Token (BAT) by Brave?

BAT is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain issued by Brave Inc. BAT is the backbone of a new digital advertising platform called Brave. Brave is a web browser that blocks ads and protects people’s privacy and identity. However, while the identity of the user remains safe, BAT commercializes the interests of the user. An underlying distributed ledger can collect accurate data about where your ads are going and how effective they are. With this information, advertisers can create more effective marketing campaigns and budgets. The network uses BAT tokens to pay publishers for ad space and reward users for ads or clicks.

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Who Created $BAT Token?

Brendan Eich is the creator of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave browser. He is the creator of the JavaScript programming language and has co-founded Mozilla. Brave is a disruptive digital advertising and rewards platform designed in an effort to enhance the security, transparency, and efficiency of digital advertising through the use of blockchain technology.

How Basic Attention Token (BAT) Works?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) plays a major role in the brave ecosystem, advertisers pay publishers BAT for ad campaigns, and users get BAT for viewing ads in the Brave browser. User interest is measured in real-time via the Brave browser. To infer the value of a Lead, a Ranking Score is applied to Lead, which takes into account ad visibility, time spent on ads, and traditional cost-per-action user experience. Browser anonymously records user statistics in the ledger so publishers can accurately gauge ad interest. 

BAT uses blockchain to reduce fraud and improve the performance of targeted advertisements on behalf of advertisers (ad relevance is based on a machine learning model that advertises ads anonymously without compromising user privacy.

Benefits of $BAT Token

  • Benefits for Users: The brave browser offers users better privacy and security. The BAT token is being paid to users for spending time on certain websites using the Brave browser.
  • Benefits for Advertisers: Brave offers advertisers complete transparency and they can track effectiveness of theri ads’ without violating privacy.
  • Benefits for Publishers: The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is used to reward publishers and creators for producing digital content.

How to buy BAT? 

You can buy, trade and store BAT at LCX Exchange. There are several trading pairs available with BAT/LCX and BAT/USDC.

What is BAT
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