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What is BCUT?

What is bitsCrunch? 

bitsCrunch network, heralding a new era in blockchain analytics. This decentralized, AI-enhanced data network delivers unmatched analytics and forensic data for digital assets, wallets, and other digital assets on the public blockchain. Accessible through user-friendly APIs, this platform lays the groundwork for diverse application development. Distinguished by its commitment to a community-driven ecosystem, bitsCrunch empowers individuals to contribute code or content, thus continuously enhancing and broadening the network’s capabilities.

Multi-Chain Integration Made Simple: Utilize a single API to access insights across multiple blockchains. Ideal for developers building multi-chain applications.

Advanced Forensic Data: Access in-depth forensic analysis on digital assets, wallets, and digital assets on public blockchains through the bitsCrunch Network. This functionality aids Web3 applications in identifying risks and fraud, ensuring security and compliance.

Community-Driven Ecosystem: The network actively supports and encourages contributions from individuals in coding or content creation, fostering ongoing enhancement and the broadening of data and services.

Enhanced Scalability through Decentralization: The bitsCrunch network’s decentralized model, supported by multiple query processor nodes (or lite nodes), ensures enhanced scalability and robust data management.

Predictable Query Costs: Data consumers utilize stablecoins to cover queries on the network, facilitating precise cost estimation and streamlined budget management.

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What is BCUT? 

bitsCrunch utility token refers to the design and management of the BCUT token. In this case, the token’s value is derived from its utility rather than its speculative or investment value. The goal is to create a sustainable and effective ecosystem that incentivizes the use and adoption of the token for its intended purpose. This includes determining the distribution and circulation of the token, setting the supply and demand dynamics, and designing governance mechanisms that align the incentives of users and other stakeholders with the success of the network. Key considerations for token economics are utility token functionality, user adoption, network effects, and token governance. Successful token economics helps to drive the adoption and usage of the network, creating a positive feedback loop that further enhances the value of the token.

The total token supply will be 1 billion, the detailed breakdown of the allocation to different token sale rounds and to other areas can be found in the picture below. The token will become inflationary from year 5 to keep incentivizing the network participants.

The bitsCrunch utility token (BCUT) is a digital token native to the network, providing access to enriched blockchain data within the bitsCrunch ecosystem. Its primary function is to facilitate smooth operations within the network, and it is intended solely for use as a utility token. The secure functioning of the bitsCrunch ecosystem relies on a combination of cryptographic techniques and economic incentives to drive adoption and ensure network security. 

Key functions and purposes of the token: 

  • Incentive Alignment: The digital asset acts as a motivational tool, fostering collaboration and commitment among Operators, Delegators, Indicators, and Contributors.
  • Governance: The digital asset enables decentralized governance, where token holders can vote on proposals and changes to the network’s protocol
  • Network Security: Through mechanisms like staking, our digital asset can add layers of security, making malicious activities costly and thereby protecting the network’s Integrity.
  • Independence: Having a digital asset ensures the network’s autonomy and reduces reliance on external entities or tokens. It aligns the token’s value and functionality closely with our network’s objectives and performance.
  • Economic Design: The digital asset allows us to tailor the economic model to the unique needs and values of our network, controlling aspects like issuance, distribution, inflation, or deflation.
  • Discounting: Data consumers can stake the token to get a discount on the query pricing

Where Can You Buy BCUT?

You can buy, trade, and deposit BCUT tokens at the LCX exchange. The trading pairs for BCUT tokens are: BCUT/EUR

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