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What is Concordium $CCD Token?

What is Concordium? 

Concordium is a privacy-focused, public, and permissionless blockchain architecture. 

The Concordium Platform is designed to be fast, secure, and cost-effective. Concordium’s innovative identity layer provides on-chain identity, compliance-centric transactions, and enhanced privacy for users, while also allowing for the de-anonymization of network participants. 

Concordium’s state-of-the-art BFT-style consensus protocol finalises blocks shortly after they are produced, providing fast confirmation of transactions. Concordium also enables interoperability and communication between Concordium and other blockchains. Concordium has a standards-based smart contract core with multi-language support. The Concordium Platform also features a transparent incentive structure with cost-effective transactions and predictable fees.

Trade $CCD at LCX Exchange
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What is CCD? 

CCD is the native token on Concordium Platform. 

Utility of CCD

CCD is a payment token that can be used for: 

  • Payment for execution of smart contracts
  • Payment between users
  • Payment for commercial transactions

Where Can You Buy CCD?

You can buy, trade, and deposit CCD tokens at the LCX exchange. The trading pairs for CCD tokens are: CCD/EUR

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