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What is DGMV?

What is DGMV?

DGMV, a utility token by design, unveils direct exposure to a portfolio of enterprise and consumer services and intellectual property in the DigiMetaverse.

As more people use DigiCorp services, demand for the DGMV utility token rises, causing high-velocity demand and limited token supply. 

Who Created DGMV?

DigiCorp is responsible for the growth and development of the DigiMetaverse through three business divisions. Each of these pursues a path of expansion and delivery across the DigiMetaverse, focusing on agility and adaptability to ensure that each business can respond to market conditions and opportunities independently.

DigiCorp intends to sponsor and implement various initiatives to accelerate this growth. Whereas each new app or service adds utility to the $DGMV by enabling secure B2B and C2C, B2C transactions, the following strategies have been created to provide additional support.

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How Does DGMV Work?

$DGMV is a pure utility token centered on the ERC-20 standard and issued on the Ethereum mainnet. The ERC-20 standard is appropriate for its intended purpose, including broad access to a large ecosystem of investors and token users.

As a blockchain-agnostic organization that values agility and is committed to the DigiByte blockchain, we intend to migrate the token to the DigiMetaverse smart layer on the DigiByte Blockchain in the future, subject to investor and community discussion and approval.

The target DGMV, token sales price, has been set at $0.21, $0.30, and $0.36 per token, depending on the vesting schedule and the lock period.

DigiCorp will issue 1 billion DGMV tokens, which will be distributed in two ways:

  • Private Token Presale 
  • Public Token Sale 

Benefits Of DGMV?

DGMV securely enables:

  • Access to the DigiMetaverse
  • The DigiMetaverse Smart Layer’s gas
  • Community involvement in Metaverse governance based on loyalty
  • Loyalty-based token tax credits for implementation and service customers
  • Payments for services on-demand and by subscription
  • SID management via wallet
  • User administration and off-platform trying to trade cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other digital assets
  • Collection and management of owned data
  • Hashing on the DGB blockchain
  • Additional functionality to supplement ongoing Metaverse development

How can you buy DGMV?

You can buy, trade and store DGMV tokens at LCX exchange. The trading pairs for DGMV tokens are DGMV/EUR, DGMV/LCX and DGMV/USD.

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