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What is Floki (FLOKI)?

What is Floki Token?

FLOKI token is the people’s cryptocurrency and the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Floki combines the power of a strong community (currently 415,000+ holders strong) with innovative crypto utilities targeted at a mainstream audience to build a strong ecosystem — with an ultimate goal of becoming the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Musk is a prominent fan of Dogecoin, although he has publicly denied owning any SHIB. Floki Inu is working on “four flagship utility projects:”

  • An NFT gaming metaverse called Valhalla
  • A suite of decentralized finance products launched under the “FlokiFi” umbrella.
  • An NFT and merchandise marketplace called FlokiPlaces
  • A content and education platform called University of Floki

The community calls itself the “Floki Vikings” in honour of Floki (Musk’s dog) which was named after a Viking character. Floki vows to take its community efforts seriously and has been listed several times in the Top 10 of LunarCrush’s social engagement leaderboards. Floki has also partnered with leading crypto projects that include Chainlink, Trader Joe, ApeSwap for its FlokiFi Locker digital asset locker protocol.

Floki is also sometimes referred to by some as “Floki Inu.”

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Who Are the Founders of Floki?

Floki is a decentralized project that is run by its community, and it has a core team that represents the interests of its community. The team is comprised of pseudonymous individuals, including B, Sabre, and MrBrown Whale. Jackie Xu, who has over a decade of blockchain experience and is a respected figure in the industry, is the lead developer of the project according to Floki. Valhalla, an NFT gaming metaverse, is being developed by a team of 20 people with over 50 years of combined team experience, as announced by the team. Key decisions affecting the project are made through a DAO vote, where individuals vote using their FLOKI tokens.

How Can You Buy $Floki?

You can buy, trade, and store Floki tokens at the LCX exchange. The trading pairs for Floki token are FLOKI/LCX, FLOKI/USD and FLOKI/ETH

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What is floki token
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