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What is QNT Token by Quant?

QUANT is the native token of the Quant network (QNT). The Quant token is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority regulates QNT as a utility token that provides digital access to an app or service.

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OverLedger is the backbone of Quant Network and allows financial institutions to easily integrate multiple distributed ledger systems (DLT) into their business. The Quant Network provides interoperability between different types of DLT and enterprise application development tools. 

The Quant’s own token (QNT) is used to access the Quant Overledger DLT port. Overledger is responsible for DLT interoperability and allows developers to build multi-DLT (mApps) applications using new multi-DLT smart contracts. Quant also offers many attractive and scalable solutions for developers and enterprises that can be applied to some of the largest blockchains in the industry. In addition, the Quant network can be easily integrated into today’s IT infrastructures, giving enterprises easy access to decentralization.

Who Created the $QNT token?

Quant Network was launched by Gilbert Verdian in 2017, Gilbert was one of the early adopters of bitcoin. Gilbert Verdian (CEO) has over 20 years of experience in the security field. He is the creator of the TC307 Blockchain ISO Standard.

How QUANT Works?

Quant’s goal is to provide interoperability between blockchains, especially for institutions. QNT Tokens will be used to pay for Quant services, pay transaction fees, and secure the OverLedger network.

The QNT Token is at the heart of the Quant network and can be used to access services offered by the Quant ecosystem.

The Quant ecosystem services include Licenses, Overledger Network, Gateways, Platform Fees, Add-On Services, Users licenses, Community Treasury with Layer 2 Payment Channels, Consumption Fees, Marketplaces, Open Source Connectors, Combine any Blockchain and API based system to create new products, Multi-Chain Oracles, Gateway Staking, Signing of Transactions and more.

Benefits of Quant (QNT)

QNT tokens are required to utilise or create MApps.QNT tokens are required to connect to Overledger or execute MApps.

QNT tokens act as a licence key to access the ecosystem and execute applications. 

QNT tokens are used to pay the licence fees, platform fees, Developer fees, user fees, Consumption, purchase of Mapps etc.

How to buy QNT?

You can buy, trade and store QNT at LCX Exchange. There are several trading pairs available with QNT/LCX and QNT/BTC.

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