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What is $SRX Token?

StorX is an open source trustless, censorship-resistant decentralized cloud storage network, powered by XinFin Network.

What is StorX? 

StorX empowers users to store their data securely on the distributed cloud. Each file uploaded on StorX is encrypted by a user’s unique password and then split into multiple fragments to be stored on numerous autonomous storage nodes operated by individual operators spread worldwide. Every file on StorX is encrypted, fragmented, and distributed across multiple nodes, no entities including StorX can ever access the user’s complete data. This unique distributed architecture also prevents data from being hacked or prone to ransomware attacks. StorX is not only faster but up to 70% – 90 % cheaper compared to traditional cloud storage.

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What is SRX? 

SRX is an essential utility for StorX Network services. 

Utility of SRX 

With SRX, the incentive to use StorX becomes even stronger as it provides additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.

  • Our cloud services can be paid with SRX tokens
  • Storage providers get paid with SRX tokens
  • Storage providers are incentivized to hold SRX

Where Can You Buy SRX?

You can buy, trade, and deposit SRX tokens at the LCX exchange. The trading pairs for SRX tokens are: SRX/EUR

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