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What is VIS Token?

What is VIS Token?

The VIS Token is a fungible ERC-20 utility token that is designed to be used within the Envision Ecosystem. It is exchanged directly with the content creator for NFT corresponding to the stock media. 

Along with being an exclusive form of payment on Envision marketplace, VIS token is also used to fund the platform, distribute rewards and incentivize token holders/platform participants. This Token is utilized on the Envision platform. Envision is a Web3 solution that provides the well deserved power and control to the stock media creators. Now, this is a free stock platform thus all of the content revenue directly goes to the creator.  

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Who are the founders of Envision VIS?

Envision has been founded by Thomas Iffla, a film and production entrepreneur, alongside Andre Lissiman and Miles Bradley. Thomas’s frustration with the old-fashioned ways to buy and sell stock media inspired him to co-found this platform that now successfully allows consumers to interact freely with the creators.

Miles Brandley heads the finance department, and Andre Lissiman is the head of creative. Other than these three, Jack Viner heads the technology department, and Dave Robertson is the lead software developer. 

More about the VIS token

A deflationary cryptocurrency like VIS is created following the vision of increasing market capitalisation and organic adoption through increased utility. It is designed to be a great “store-of-value” (SOV) with organic price appreciation. Now, as mentioned above, VIS tokens are exchanged for NFT corresponding to the stock media, so let us understand stock media. Stock media is not a limited avenue and comes in various forms, including videos, still images, visual effects, etc. Typically, a piece of content becomes a stock media when intended, which means that a stock media is not created for any specific project or need and can also be used multiple times over different projects.

The following features enable the VIS token to be incentive-rich for its holders:

  • As adoption progresses, 0.5% of all VIS transactions are transferred into the locked liquidity pools, resulting in more liquidity and less circulating supply. 
  • 0.2% of all VIS tokens are burnt with every transaction, which aids the stability of VIS.
  • There is a fixed supply of VIS tokens as 100% of them are minted.

How can you buy VIS tokens?

You can buy, trade and store VIS tokens at LCX exchange. The trading pairs for VIS token are as follows: 



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