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What to Look for When Investing in a New Crypto Project

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial world. In this era of digitalization, crypto provides us with digital currencies or digital assets. It runs on blockchain technology and has no central regulatory authority. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced in 2009, and today we have several cryptocurrencies available on the market. 

We have cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, dogecoin, and crypto tokens called NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These digital assets have been profitable for a long time now, but their profits and price rates keep fluctuating depending on adoption. 

If you are thinking about entering the crypto market or investing in a new crypto project, you have to be careful with your investments. The world of crypto does look enticing, but it is filled with scams if one does not understand the working analogy of the market. 

Essential steps before investing in a new crypto project:

  • Team and community: The first step towards your crypto investment is learning about the team and community behind the project. You should be aware of the recent developments and contributions made by the team in the blockchain community. This is similar to running a background check on an employee before recruiting them, reducing the risk of fraud. Once you are clear about the experience and skills of the team and the community that you’ll be working with, you’ll be more confident about the investment.
  • Vision: A significant thing to keep in mind while investing in a new crypto project is to analyze the idea behind the project. Nowadays, there are a plethora of entrepreneurs who keep on introducing new projects with promises of bringing change to the system. One has to keep an eye out for potential projects that aim at solving a current issue, especially in a decentralized blockchain-based way. 
  • Product: Now that you have analyzed the project’s vision, the next step is to study the product. Here, the first step is to critically analyze the product’s white paper. The white paper should provide a clear goal and details of the project. It should be neither a marketing paper nor a technical paper. Research the product’s features and observe its transactions on the blockchain. The final thing is to look for its selling point and its competition. If there are already a lot of solutions to the problem that the project is working on, then it is doubtful that the product will succeed.
  • Token economics, also known as Tokenomics, describes the network design of a token that can persuade users and investors to adopt it.It consists of the token’s purpose, network stability, distribution, and governance. Make sure that your investment makes real sense and that you are not getting trapped in a piece of marketing machinery promoting their Ponzi scheme. There are different types of tokens, such as governance, security, utility, transactional, and platform tokens. Intelligent contract execution is built into all of these tokens. Good tokenomics should provide real purpose, utility, functionality, and distribution.
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  • Quantitative data: Now that one has analyzed qualitative data, it’s time to focus on quantitative data. When you invest in crypto, you should know how the crypto market works, what terms are generally used, how the prices vary, etc. When looking to invest in a new project, analyze components such as traded volume, market capitalization, total supply, circulating supply, maximum supply, active and new users, transaction rate, and exchange flow.
  • Adoption and Strategy: When it comes to crypto project adoption, various elements are holding things down compared to today’s economy. First and foremost, people must continue to educate themselves about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which will be a lengthy process. By offering a roadmap, the investor may determine whether the project has achieved any significant milestones or if it is more about believing in future promises. Because many of them cannot produce a working product, speculation is the norm. As a result, it’s crucial to base your judgement on only one or two qualitative considerations and specific quantitative data and factors.


Crypto is still a very young concept in the financial and investment world. People still need to study its concepts, risks, and benefits. The steps mentioned above will help you invest in a new crypto project, but remember to be thorough with your research.

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