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Where to Find Uniswap V2 Info and Charts?

With the new upgrade to Uniswap V3 #UniswapV3, the team at Uniswap have also upgraded the Uniswap Info section for charting and trading pair data. 

But now, the Uniswap Info for Uniswap V2 #UniswapV2 is missing and thousands of users are searching to find the right infos. 

Find Uniswap V2 Info, Cryptocurrency Charts and Trading Pairs at LCX DeFi Terminal. 

LCX DeFi Terminal a.k.a. “Fire Salamander” is a decentralized trading platform built on top of Uniswap. LCX has built a second layer protocol which is enabling limit orders on Uniswap V2 DEX. 

  • Beautiful charting for all trading pairs Uniswap V2
  • Analyze Liquidity and Transaction Volume
  • See All Swaps, Adds, Removes of each trading pair
  • Trading view charting
  • DeFi Indicators like volume and liquidity right inside Trading View charts.
LCX DeFi Terminal for Uniswap V2
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