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Why choose LCX as your Token Sale Manager?

When the stakes are high and reliability is a must, Token Issuers choose is one of the first Crypto Assets Exchange to have gained 8 registrations from the Liechtenstein regulator allowing LCX to extend Token Issuer Services to its clients. LCX Token Sale Manager manages your token sale so that you can focus on your vision.

We are driven to bridge the gap between the traditional and the new crypto-driven financial world by introducing compliance and security in Token Sales. Our Audit-ready platform helps you maintain compliance with global regulations and issue fully compliant tokens under our regulatory roof. 

What do we do for you?

We handle legal assessment for token classification

Smart Contract Development Services for fully compliant token generation, token audit and token distribution

We take care of all your investor onboarding needs with our regulated KYC/AML services.

End-to-end token management and distribution

Immediate listing of your tokens on our Exchange

Why choose as your Token Sale Manager?

LCX Token Sale Manager

Compliance comes first!

We have got everything you need to run a compliant and successful token sale.

Token Sale Management Tools

  • Whitelisting of Investors
  • Allocation Requests for Pre-Sale
  • Be in command of over Investor Allocation
  • All investor documentation including white-papers and investor agreements are securely hosted
  • Investor analytics categorizes investors by geography, entity type and verified status
  • Collection of Wallet Addresses for distribution of token post-sale


  • Our dedicated team will take care of setup and will provide 24-hour support to your team before, during and after your sale
  • Round-the-clock investor support provided via chat and email for successful token sale

High-grade Compliance

  • High-end KYC/AML Solution provided inclusive of OFAC watch-list scan
  • Verification of Photo Uploaded
  • Blocking capabilities reaching up to state and country level
  • Team of licensed and experienced professionals dedicated to reviewing and verifying the status of investor accreditations
  • Investors are accredited on the criteria of income, net-worth or crypto-asset holdings

Handling of Payments

  • Secure transactions and receiving of BTCETH, EUR payments and many other crypto assets as defined by the token project.
  • Control of private keys are in your hands
  • Provision of Multi-sig wallet support

Post-Token Sale Listing

  • Be listed on LCX Exchange immediately
  • Get access to LCX’s fast growing user base of 100,000+ users

What is Token Issuer Registration?

Token Issuer Registration is the role licensed by the Liechtenstein government which allows LCX to issue tokens on behalf of their own name and those seeking their services. This required LCX to report any such client to the FMA for entry in the TT Service provider register.

Token Issuer Registration is acquired after formally writing to the FMA before TT Service is provided for the first time professionally.

What is LCX AG?

LCX AG or the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange is an international financial technology company in the blockchain and crypto asset industry.

LCX focuses on tokenization of assets, token management and advanced trading tools with the following products and services:

LCX Products
  • The LCX Exchange is a regulated trading venue offering a range of digital currencies. 
  • The LCX STO Launchpad as a one-stop tokenization platform to automate the fundraising and investor management on the blockchain.
  • The LCX Terminal brings together real-time and full historical data on all cryptocurrency markets, news, social analytics, and trading signals, powerful analytics, smart order routing, and trading execution capabilities — all on one solution.
  • The LCX DeFi Terminal 2.0 is an advanced decentralized trading platform equipped with multiple decentralized exchange making LCX Defi Terminal 2.0, a powerful decentralized exchange aggregator fast markets data, beautiful charting, tradingview integration and DeFi indicators such as liquidity and volume.
  • The LCX Crypto Compliance Suite is a comprehensive compliance system for identification of users, know your customer (“KYC), anti-money-laundry (“AML), sanctions and PEP control and monitoring, and real-time blockchain analytics as well as know your transaction (“KYT”).
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