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Why Should You Care About Token Sales As An Investor?

If you are smart about it, there are a lot of ways to invest in crypto that can be profitable. Investors can make significant money even in a token sale. A token sale is an untested project in which the key to success for an investor is the project’s correct assessment.

What is a token sale?

The token sale is the first time cryptocurrency tokens are offered to a small group of early investors before they are officially put on the market for sale. As the cryptocurrency market grows, token sales will help investors weed out the cryptocurrencies they want to invest in and gain early access to successful projects.

Why should investors care about token sales?

With tons of cryptocurrencies hitting the market, entering the game early on through the token sale of the product can offer additional rewards to investors. It is a high-risk, high-reward situation, but if the research is done meticulously, then the rewards can be unprecedented.

Although the value of cryptocurrency grows only after it hits the market, it depends a lot on how realistic the vision is and how valuable the token concept is. All this crucial information is gained when investors take part in token deals and understand the details of the product. Some start-ups even offer extra free bonus coins for the early investors in the token sale, which can be reaped for benefits at the investor’s discretion. 

The success of cryptocurrency depends a lot on the developer’s vision, which is available as a whitepaper for investors to read. If the investors carefully looked over the white papers, they would not fall for the scams. A well-developed product’s white paper should include a basic roadmap that lays out a set of concrete goals with a clear and reasonable timeline for achieving them. This roadmap lays the foundation of trust between the investor and developer. As an investor, goals and a roadmap should be at the top of your list when deciding on a token sale.

Companies that don’t have a clear statement of their goals may not have the focus they need to be successful once the cryptocurrency is released. But watch out for product documents that have high-flying ideas but no real plan for how to reach those goals. Even though the white paper isn’t a guarantee that the product will be a hit when it comes out, if it isn’t finished, was written quickly, or has other problems, it can be a sign of trouble.

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How to not fall for scams as an investor

One of the main things an investor who wants to take part in token sales wants to know is how to avoid being tricked. Well, the solution is to buy from a trusted and secure token sale manager, which happens to be LCX, the answer to the investors’ woes. 

At LCX, the token is issued on behalf of the developer’s project, and the issuance is done by LCX AG (Liechtenstein) in accordance with the Blockchain Laws in Liechtenstein, the Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Provider Act (TVTG). LCX handles the compliance and regulatory needs of the products after thorough verification. LCX handles the registration at the Financial Market Authority as LCX is approved as a “Token Issuer”. LCX deals with all legal document requirements including the Basic Information, Token Sale Agreement, and Terms of Token Sale, and submits all necessary files to the regulator. All the projects taken on by LCX go through a thorough and meticulous verification process and since LCX runs in accordance with Liechtenstein Blockchain laws, this token sale manager is the platform that can be trusted for secure and safe investments in a token sale. Check out the LCX Token Sale Manager here!


When it comes to investing in token sale projects there are at least five things to consider: the token sale manager, the white paper, the team, and its partnerships, the business case, and tokenomics. It’s best to avoid herd mentality and always choose a token sale manager platform and token sale projects which are compliant with the regulations and laws. 

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