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Your Guide to Diamond Investments

Diamond is one of the most precious creations on Earth. It is rare, lustrous, and, moreover, a beautiful gem, and everyone wants to get their hand on it one way or the other. Investing in diamonds may seem like a profitable investment as the industry has been offering good returns. But, one needs to understand many things before committing a considerable amount to diamond investments.

Requirements for Diamond Investments

You are required to know a few things before investing in a diamond business or a deal. It is essential to focus on the price of the diamond. When you are investing in a diamond, make sure that you are purchasing it at a price close to the price at which you can resell it. One can also consult an expert to gain direct insight into the international market prices. Be cautious of not buying it at retail and then selling the diamond at a wholesale price.

Another most important factor is the quality of your diamond. This can be guaranteed by experts and grading certificates.

Focus on the basics

Super bright and loud colored diamonds may attract your attention for a while but do not get fooled by that luster. These diamonds do not offer timely resale liquidity or price transparency; therefore, they are very thinly traded. Unless you have a plethora of money to invest in diamonds, stay away from the fancy ones as they are very difficult to resell.

One should focus on the basic diamonds that are traded daily, making it easier to sell or purchase them. The diamond size now depends on your investment budget. The more you can spend, the bigger the size you can go for.

Important certifications

There is only one way to ensure the quality of your diamond, and that is through its certifications. Nowadays, other expert advice and certificates are available in the market, but it is suggested to stick by the standard certification. In the case of diamonds, that certification is the GIA certification. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades your diamond based on the 4Cs-color, cut, carat weight, and clarity. It also provides a plotted diagram of the clarity characteristics of the diamond. A GIA report represents the most significant standard of reliability, integrity, and consistency for your diamond purchase. 

Diamond Trading

Now, let’s move on to diamond investments in the digital world. Diamond trading is traditionally done offline but it is a complex process as it includes a lot of illegitimate factors. Scams regarding illegal diamond purchases keep surfacing, confusing the potential customers about investing in diamonds in the first place. The introduction of blockchain technology in diamond trading has opened new opportunities for this enterprise. Blockchain allows the diamond investment to be transparent, tracking the lifespan of each diamond and thus compliant with all anti-money laundering laws. Therefore, digital diamond trading is definitely a prospective diamond investment.

Diamond NFTs

While discussing the digital diamond investments, let’s move on to the most prominent diamond investment on a digital platform right now. Diamond NFTs, or in simple terms- Diamond-backed NFTs are the crypto-assets that are backed by real-world diamonds. One such NFT is launched by LCX, known as TIAMOND. TIAMONDs provide 1-1 ownership rights to real-world diamonds. These are governed by the LCX regulatory framework, and all the diamonds are GIA certified, thus providing the investors with the best quality of diamonds and secure transactions. 


As a diamond investor, the most critical decision is- whom to trust. The diamond industry and its market are highly complex entities. To ace it, one needs proper knowledge and understanding of diamond pricing and quality. The future will be digital thus, start exploring online digital trading and assets such as Diamond NFTs but remember to put your trust in regulated platforms. 

Your guide to diamond investments
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