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A Deep Dive Into Tangent and TANG Token

Tangent has chosen LCX as its exclusive token issuer to execute a compliant initial coin offering of $TANG tokens. Tangent, a radical Web3 Art and Finance App built to revolutionize the Art and finance sector. Their official token is TANG, which goes by the ticker TANG, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. Tangent is focusing on the development and application of Non-Fungible Tokens in the fields of art and finance, combining DeFi farming with NFTs.

We are happy to announce both their upcoming token sale as well as our role as official token issuer for Tangent. Let’s take a deep dive into the new era of NFTs with Tangent.                                                                                                        

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Tangent $TANG: All You Need to Know 

The Tangent project is a decentralized art project built on the Cardano blockchain. Focusing on the development of Non-Fungible Tokens and their applications in art and finance, Tangent combines DeFi farming with NFTs in a modern digital art gallery experience. 

With the aim of reducing technological barriers to entry, a NFT marketplace will be created based on open source smart contracts that are fair, public, and transparent. The Tangent team has recognised the power of decentralization within finance and seeks to leverage this revolutionary technology within another emerging decentralized market, called the Arts.

Tangent is a radical web3 art and finance platform on Cardano blockchain led by the community. It is built on the objective to bring new financial utility and smart contract functionality to NFTs. It is also committed to providing support to digital artists, switching the way of interaction between cryptocurrency and digital art. An NFT marketplace will be established with the purpose of reducing barriers for artists who are planning to mint on the Cardano blockchain. The tangent will be established on open source and transparent smart contracts.

Mission of Tangent

Tangent’s mission entails promoting decentralization in art and finance industries by developing Non-Fungible Tokens and their applications on the Cardano (ADA) network. 

In addition to combining DeFi farming with NFTs, Tangent aims to create a marketplace that will reduce entry barriers for artists into minting, built on open source smart contracts that are fair, transparent, and fair.

Using the native token, investors of TANG will be able to pay for art and on-chain transactions effectively and efficiently. With TANG as the currency of payment, Tangent will benefit from the low fees and security of the Cardano Networks. 

Through Tangent’s Artist grants and ambassador program, Tangent will serve as a bridge between artists and investors by creating a platform for emerging talents to thrive. By eliminating third party middlemen, the Artist will receive a fair percentage for the Art they have created. As a result of the creation of our Tanglobe and native utility token, Tangent will provide exposure to both the Staking (Farming) and the NFT ecosystem.

Tangent Solutions

NFT Farming 

Tangent is bringing scalability to the emerging Art & Finance scene on the Cardano blockchain by making digital artworks accessible to the mass market. Tangent offers a NFT Farming feature combining NFTs and finance to provide users with an additional income stream, allowing them to earn rewards by staking their NFTs.

New Asset Class

Tangent’s Decentralized Finance dapp will allow users to monetize their virtual assets and access new financial services through the creation of new asset classes of yield generating NFTs backed by in-game and real world assets.

Tangent Redeemable NFT launchpad

Redeemable NFT Launchpad supports the launch and marketing of redeemable NFTs on the Cardano network for artists, creators, and businesses. In addition, it offers assistance to traditional businesses and organizations for tokenizing their products and services on the blockchain.

Tangent DAO 

As a self-sovereign smart contract, Tangent DAO is backed by its own native governance token, TANG, which acts as the Tangent network’s governor and guiding force.

TANG Token and Its Use-Cases

TANG is a native token of Tangent on the Cardano network. Tangent Protocol’s governance token, TANG, is used to facilitate on-chain governance mechanisms such as incentivizing artists, proposing referenda, voting, the powering of unique art creations, as well as the development and direction of the TangentDAO. 

  • TANG token will be as a governance token to actively guide Tangent towards self-sustainability and shared community ownership.

  • The token has been minted on the Cardano blockchain and will be a tradable asset.

  • TANG will give holders the ability to participate directly in governance by voting on proposals related to the TANG token’s development and usage as well as development and direction of the Tangent platform itself. 
  • TANG holders will be able to vote to allocate TANG towards artistic grants, strategic partnerships, governance initiatives, NFT bounties, additional NFT farming pools and other programs.

Tangent’s Core Technologies 


There will be the option for other projects and developer teams to create their own NFT Farming pools and decide what features to include: which NFTs to whitelist, which liquidity pool tokens to accept, and in what form token rewards will be paid (such as ADA or another native token or NFT), as well as the amount of farming fees.

Tanglobe Gaming

As part of its vision for the Tanglobe, Tangent intends to offer a platform where users can purchase virtual land, creating endless new playgrounds to build and landscape with their own digital art and personal possessions, blending real world experiences with digital life. Through on-chain game battles, Tanglobetrotters can participate in land grabs, bringing new dimensions to play-to-earn programs.

Addition Resources and Documents

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