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DigiThree Labs Proof-of-Concept Partnership Agreement with LCX Exchange

LCX is thrilled and excited to share this amazing news with our community that DigiThree Labs will partner with LCX Exchange to provide a formal Proof-of-Concept agreement. – Innovating Capital Markets. Solutions for compliant digital assets and security tokens. LCX is a secure and regulated platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currencies. LCX is pioneering a blockchain infrastructure bridging the gap between traditional monetary systems and the fast-moving trusted technology landscape. LCX was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and branches in Crypto-Valley Zug (Switzerland) and New Delhi (India). 

DigiThree Labs offers a suite of cloud-based enterprise solutions to help businesses accelerate seamless digital transformation that is quantum-safe, decentralized, scalable, peer-to-peer, and blockchain-secured. DigiThree is the enterprise solutions unit of the DigiCorp Labs family – an ecosystem of secure, decentralized, metaverse-based services designed to build an inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow.

LCX will pilot the DGMV Authenticator to secure its login procedures and to safeguard passwords. The initial roll-out will be Q2/Q3, 2022. DGMV Authenticator is a highly secure blockchain-based authentication method that will be offered alongside username, password, and 2FA to further improve user security. Once the pilot is complete the key learnings and results will be used to improve the DGMV Authenticator and prepare for market launch.

With our consistent and friendly relationship with DigiCorp Labs, we are confident in the DGMV Authenticator and believe that it will digitally transform security in every industry. LCX has conducted a successful DGMV Token Sale and similarly in this journey of DigiCorp Labs we will partner with them to make it a success. 

DigiCorp Labs is excited to expand the existing relationship with LCX during the Proof-of-Concept phase so LCX will make sure that innovative and exciting approach will enhance the security concept in the industry. 

LCX CEO, Monty Metger, said, “Security threats are rising and phishing attacks are often targeting login details of users. That’s why we are excited to work with DigiCorp Labs to pilot the latest cyber security technologies and in particular the DGMV Authenticator.”

Jozua van der Deijl, DigiCorp Labs CEO, said, “DigiCorp Labs is excited that LCX is taking user security very seriously, and we hope this sets an example for other exchanges to integrate DGMV Authenticator as an extra level of security on their platforms.” 

We are excited to be a part of this journey or DigiCorp Labs and do the needful to extend this cordial relationship.

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