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Introducing the LCX Venture Program is your place to issue, launch, list and grow your blockchain project., the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, is a regulated fintech company that focuses on digital asset trading, compliant token offerings and tokenization.

LCX has been granted 8 blockchain-related registrations at Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein: TT Exchange Service Provider, TT Token Depositary, TT Key Depositary, TT Price Service Provider, TT Identity Service Providers, Token Generator, Token Issuer on its own and Token Issuer on behalf of the clients.

The LCX Venture Program consist of two program categories where LCX will evaluate, select and invest in blockchain projects: 1) Free Token Listing and 2) Initial Token Sale Program.

LCX is investing up to $250,000 USD in outstanding blockchain projects. Start the application process right away. 

Free Token Listing

Token Listing Program is our incubating program providing free listing and additional growth services to outstanding blockchain projects. We offer fast listing times and free listing via our token growth program.

We are looking for projects which have a strong online community, an outstanding product and a strong leadership team.

Initial Token Sale Program

The Initial Token Sale Program is for all projects preparing an initial coin offering or initial exchange offering – who want to conduct their initial offering in a fully compliant manner.

LCX provides everything you need for your compliant token sale: The legal setup, the legal documents and the whole technology platform to host the token sale. LCX is looking for projects planning token offerings ranging from 1 million to 100 million USD.

In our authorized role as Token Issuer we will become the legal issuer of your cryptocurrency. Being the legal issue of your token enables you to conduct the offering in accordance with the Liechtenstein Blockchain Laws, even without setting up a company in Liechtenstein. Ultimately providing legal clarity to your investors and for your company alike. 

In our registered role as Token Generator we can support you with the development of the smart contract and manage the token generation event. In our role as TT Token Depositary and TT Key Depositary we are authorized to handle the custody of your digital assets. As TT Exchange Service Provider we not only provide LCX Exchange platform, but can also manage your needs to exchange assets directly from crypto to fiat or vice versa.

In our registered role as Identity Service Provider we manage investor identification and Know-your-customer. We have developed a state-of-the-industry compliance platform for KYC, AML, Blockchain analytics and CTF. Our system is fast, intuitive and scalable – we can handle token sales from a few thousands to hundred thousands of investors. Our crypto compliance platform is provided for free for selected projects as well and used for compliant investor identification and investor on-boarding. Our customer success team will handle all incoming requests and support token buyers with the verification process. 

For the selected projects, LCX will not charge a set up fee or any other fees. LCX will invest in the projects as we do cover the initial investment for legal documents, providing the token sale manager, the KYC technology platform and taking shared liabilities being the Token Issuer for the projects. LCX will get a % in tokens and a success-fee as a percentage of the money raised. The legal setup includes: a token offering memorandum, a basic information sheet for the token sale, token purchase agreement, terms of sale and managing the registration and notification to the Financial Market Authority.

Once the token sale is finished we will list the asset on our exchange, providing an initial market place and trading venue to all token investors.

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