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Education A Reliable Platform for Your Compliant Token Sale

The rising rates of bitcoin have brought back the trend of initial token offerings. The re-emergence of a bullish market supports the persisting belief of the world in a future with universally accessible payments and decentralized finances. 

Cryptocurrencies are leading us to an open financial system that is free from issues that are resultants of the centralized control of monetary assets. The realization of this vision is only possible with the mutual efforts of both, the builders and the believers of cryptocurrencies. 

Initial Token Offerings
Compliant and Secure

At, we are doing our bit by providing a trusted platform for a compliant initial token sale. However, we heavily rely on an ever-expanding network of partners to facilitate the expansion of the crypto economy in conjunction with driving forward the mass adoption of this industry. 

Although the token sale trend is back, this time it is without the risks involved of unregulated ICOs. At, we are committed to protecting both the investors and the token issuers from malicious practices. is leveraging the innovation occurring at the legal structure level to provide the expertise required to conduct compliant token sales. 

We have got everything you need to plan, manage, and track your token sale of non-security tokens and security tokens. Our services are focused on providing three core services that form the foundation of every compliant token sale. These include the formation of capital, managing sales and fundraising, investor verification, token holder registry, and more. 

It is not enough to see the logistics of a token sale as a measure of competency for token issuers. They should also channelize their efforts to build a functional product and technology instead of solely focusing on running a sale.

How to raise funding with a compliant token sale for your blockchain project? 

Compliant Token Issuance

LCX acts as a regulated and registered Token Issuer on behalf of blockchain projects. We are a registered Identity Service Provider conducting all KYC, KYT, AML, and CTF checks. As a registered Token Generator we develop the smart contract, help improve it and conduct the Token Generation Event. Our registered TT Token Depositary and TT Key Depositary registration enable us to take care of your crypto custody. is a regulated fintech company offering a purchasing platform to facilitate compliant token offerings. Token issuers can leverage accelerated go-to-market, terms of sale, token purchase agreements, and legal documents with our legal tool kit. 

Token Management

Token issuers can rely on’s expertise in the management of security tokens on the blockchain. For security token offering, we provide a white-label solution that enables the project to conduct a compliant STO. We take care of everything including the whitelisting of smart wallets, real-time cap-table a.k.a. Token holder register, development of the smart contract, auditing, and generation of the token. Once the token sale is concluded, your utility token can also be listed at LCX Exchange among other prestigious tokens. 

KYC & Investor On-Boarding

LCX’s advanced and field-proven Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Anti-Money-Laundering (AML), and Blockchain Analytics (KYT) processes facilitate quick and automated investor onboarding without any hassle. Our crypto compliance suite for KYC-AML, investor verification, token holder registry, and more is supporting 230+ countries including the USA. 

The crypto economy requires the combined efforts of several communities in order to grow. Token issuers hold great significance in driving industry growth. believes in extending its platform to smoothen the path of digital asset issuers for them to move forward.

Get Funded and Start Your Own Token Sale 

LCX recently launched its Venture Program which consists of two program categories, a Free Token Listing program and an Initial Token Sale Program. LCX is investing up to $250,000 USD each in chosen blockchain projects. Learn more about the Venture Program and how to apply here.

For general inquiries for your token sale or special security token requests you can reach us at [email protected]

For general inquiries about our platform, products and services please contact us at [email protected]

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