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LCX Launches DEX Aggregator

LCX is proud to announce the launch of Fire Salamander – a powerful DeFi DEX Aggregator. LCX’s DeFi Terminal 1.0 is famous for its second layer DeFi protocol which enables limit orders for Uniswap. Now the LCX DeFi Terminal 2.0 also known as Fire Salamander offers a smart DEX aggregator across major decentralized exchanges.

Since we launched the first version of LCX Defi Terminal almost one year ago we have done intense testing, security and scalability tests. Thousands of users have used the platform, placed limit orders and gave us feedback to help us create a trading experience that is even more intuitive, responsive, and powerful.

“LCX is on a mission to redefine finance as we know it, becoming a new category leader. We’ve established one of the world’s first regulated and compliant blockchain ecosystems for professional investors and are growing our platform day by day. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Fire Salamander, the DeFi Terminal 2.0, LCX’s smart DEX aggregator for multiple decentralized cryptocurrency markets.”

Launching Fire Salamander
– the LCX DeFi Terminal 2.0

Fire Salamander offers a new trading experience with a simple Basic Swap and a Pro Swap functionality, beautiful DEX charting and our famous limit order functionality. We continue to push the boundaries of what crypto traders expect from a DEX trading experience. 

Key Features of Fire Salamander:

  • DeFi Dashboard
  • Basic Swap for fast and simple trading at the best price 
  • Pro Swap with charting, best price and smart routing overview to instantly execute trades across multiple decentralized exchanges
  • Limit orders for Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3 at Pro Swap
  • LCX’s second layer DeFi protocol powering limit orders on multiple decentralized exchanges
  • Lightning-fast charts and analytics for all trading pairs across multiple exchanges
  • Beautiful charting with DeFi indicators and advanced trading view integration
  • Multi-Language interface for international users
  • Light and dark-mode
  • Governance System powered by the LCX Token

Fire Salamander User Interface

Screenshots from working product of the DEX Aggregator Fire Salamander:

Best Price DEX Order Routing

For Fire Salamander we’ve developed a cutting-edge discovery and routing algorithm. This smart order routing offers trades at the best rates on the market. Fire Salamander finds the most efficient paths for a token swap, scanning major decentralized market depths in the shortest possible time and executing trade automatically.

Basic Swap

Fire Salamander features a simple interface to trade any token at the best price. The user transparently sees the exchange route and the tokens to receive. The system automatically scans all major DEX markets and delivers the best price to the user with the reliability and simplicity you would expect. 

Pro Swap

Fire Salamander also features a pro view with price charts and detailed exchange order routing overview with comparison of prices. Users are also able to choose between normal market orders or our smart DeFi protocol to execute limit orders.

Governance System Powered by the LCX Token

LCX DeFi Terminal has been strengthening the LCX Ecosystem as users have to place 10,000 LCX Token in their wallet to unlock all features and use the limit order functionality. Now we are adding another key major milestone for the LCX ecosystem as we’ll introduce a governance framework for our community. Users will be able to stake LCX Token to delegate votes on major decisions for the future of Fire Salamander.

LCX’s Second Layer DeFi Protocol Powering Limit Orders on Multiple Decentralized Exchanges

We’ve advanced and improved our second layer DeFi protocol and also launching a 2.0 version of it. The DeFi protocol is a secondary smart contract framework built on top of Uniswap’s blockchain system for Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3. Limit orders are on-chain transactions where the assets to be traded are locked up in the smart contract. The total value locked (TVL) is always visible on-chain on protocol level. The LCX DeFi protocol has an integrated price discovery engine that monitors each trade price in order and automatically executes the limit order to Uniswap when the set parameters are matched. It was not easy, but we managed to deliver the same functionality on top of Uniswap’s V3 platform. 

Launch and Rollout

As a next step we’ll publish a White Paper for Fire Salamander – the LCX DeFi Terminal 2.0 in the coming days. Fire Salamander will be made publicly available for trading next week. 

About Fire Salamander

Fire Salamander by LCX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that allows anyone to discover and trade tokens at the best prices. Always get the best price via our automatic order routing system searching all major DEXs including Uniswap (V2 and V3), SushiSwap and many more. Trade fast, simple and transparently, with zero added fees or commissions.

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