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Tiamonds: Tokenized Diamonds

LCX is thrilled to introduce a new age in the tokenization of assets with the introduction of Tiamonds, a project by LCX with the goal to showcase the opportunities of tokenized assets, to educate consumers about tokenization by gamification and to create a community-driven token economy. 

Tiamonds is the world’s first project combining asset tokenization, education and gamification with a deflationary cryptocurrency all built on the Ethereum blockchain.

LCX always had the goal to Reimagine Digital Tokenized Assets and bring tokenization into the mainstream with its technically sound and compliant ecosystem. Tiamonds will be a part of the LCX initiative to bring tokenization to millions with the core methodology of gamification of the assets to educate and inform everyone about tokenization and give everyone a chance to participate in a sustainable and fair launch.

Tiamonds project by LCX includes two key elements: Tokenized Diamonds called Tiamonds and a deflationary cryptocurrency called TIA Token.

Tiamonds are non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing the 1-1 ownership rights of real-world Diamonds. The first generation of Tiamonds are 100 tokenized diamonds. Each Tiamond is receiving TIA Tokens as rewards over time through the “Own to Earn” model – the owner of a first generation Tiamond NFT will receive 1 million TIA Tokens, where 1 TIA Token will be rewarded every minute for 1 million minutes. 

TIA Tokens is a community-driven, fair launched DeFi Token connected to Tiamonds. TIA Tokens are a deflationary cryptocurrency with three simple functions which occur during every transaction: Reflection, Rebalancing, and Burn. The rewards for the first generation of Tiamonds drop is set to 1 million TIA Tokens per Tiamond. The amount of TIA Tokens reward for each Tiamonds will be reduced in the future and will be decided with governance system. TIA Tokens have to be staked for delegation and usage to vote through the Tiamonds governance platform. 

Tiamonds Explanation

In every on-chain transaction a fee of 10% total is automatically taken and is split three ways:

    1. Reflection: 5% fees are redistributed to all existing holders.
    2. Rebalancing: 2.5% fee is automatically sold by the smart contract into LCX token at Uniswap. The acquired LCX Token will be added to the long-term LCX company reserve.
    3. Burn: 2.5% of the TIA Tokens are burned automatically.

The LCX Ecosystem is proud to add another milestone in tokenization and a step towards a token economy with the addition of Tiamonds and Tia Token under its umbrella. LCX believes in the potential of tokenization, but we also see the barriers which need to be overcome to embrace blockchain technology for asset digitalization fully.

The Tiamonds project and TIA Token is strengthening the LCX ecosystem as a whole. 

  • To purchase Tiamonds and claim TIA Token rewards, users must become a verified LCX user. 
  • Tiamonds can be only bought with LCX Token.
  • Tiamonds fixed price sale is only available to VIP users who have to stake 1 Million LCX for 1 year. 
  • The Rebalancing function is triggering an automatic market buying process of LCX Token on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. 

We aim to raise awareness for tokenization and make tokenized assets approachable for the everyday consumer and bring us closer to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

We trust our community and genuinely believe that information, education, and a practical application and user experience are key to making the market of tokenization a global phenomenon. We strive every day to establish a blockchain ecosystem and technology infrastructure to harvest these future opportunities. With Tiamonds, we are exploring digital scarcity and tokenization of assets, an exciting but underexplored concept that blockchain empowers.

Tiamonds Whitepaper Link

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