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LCX Launches Social Signals for Cryptocurrency Trading

LCX today announced the launch of Social Signals at LCX Terminal. This offering includes cryptocurrency scores and social media metrics for more than 5’000 tokens across multiple exchanges. 

LCX Social Signals is the result of the strategic partnership with LunarCrush.

Trading signals are critical to the investment process. We see an opportunity to provide real-time trading signals along with the underlying social data to support cryptocurrency investments and help finance professionals make informed decisions. With the seamless integration at LCX Terminal we are helping investors decode the flood of data points that are otherwise hard to compare across crypto assets and exchanges. For traders, Galaxy Score, Alt Rank and other social signals offer a valuable and quantitative benchmark that will increase their portfolio performance.

LCX Social Signals is available to all LCX Terminal users as of today and part of the free account. Register and Open your complimentary account today.

Seamless Integration to Streamline Your Trading Strategy

Investors and Cryptocurrency traders need the right data fast to more effectively coordinate and execute their trading strategies. LCX Social Signals powered by LunarCrush is delivering all trading signals right at their favorite trading desk. 

Why do we need Social Signals?

Crypto Investors are inundated with too much data and cannot possibly see make educated decisions on time by crawling the web themselves.

In a world where there are over 250,000 pieces of crypto-specific content created across multiple channels every day, Social Signals helps in identifying the trend in the crypto markets. Social Signals helps investors understand cryptocurrencies traction by listening to social media from across the web to uncover valuable crypto-specific data to make confident trading decisions.

More importantly, you will see these signals where you need them the most while trading.

New Tab for Social Signals

As soon as you log in to LCX Terminal you can find the social signals on the left-hand side in the left navigation.

Once you click on the social signals tab you will be treated with the list of crypto assets with their Galaxy Score and ALT rank score accompanied with other social signals.

You can search the crypto asset in the search bar you follow on the top right corner of the screen.

Direct Integration in the TradingView Charts and Smart Charting with special indicators.

Let us explain how useful LCX terminal is for you if you use social signals for trading

For any given trading pair you can now see social indicators in parallel to the Trading chart. This feature is extremely useful if you trade as per social signals.

How to configure the new indicators?

You can configure social indicators by simply clicking on the indicators button and select the type of social indicators you want to see in your trading chart.

Why use LCX Terminal as your trading desk?

LCX Terminal already had useful tools  such as the smart order, price alerts, news which make it one of the nest trading desks out there.

Now with the integration with Lunarcrush, we have taken the trading experience at LCX terminal is at the next level and no other trading desks can compete with the ease of trading it offers.

What are the key benefits of LCX Terminal’s new Social Signals?

Social media signals have been successfully used to develop large-scale predictive and anticipatory analytics. With the LunarCrush proprietary data set, LCX is providing social scores, news, and trading signals to analyze price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and altcoins.

Enjoy improved Forecasting of Cryptocurrency Price using Social Signals now – Register at LCX Terminal.

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