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Product Roadmap 2022

We’re thrilled to kick-start 2022 – the year of the tiger. LCX plans to make this the strongest year for LCX growth ever! 

Tigers are known for their passion, boldness, and fearlessness. Tigers are universally respected and revered for their courage by both friends and competitors. Tigers are strong, powerful and one of nature’s most feared predators.

2021 and the first few weeks in the new year were challenging in many respects, but we were fortunate to keep our platform safe, our team engaged working remotely, our productivity high, and LCX is better positioned than ever to capitalize on the strengthening crypto space. With the right foundation in place, we expect 2022 to be a period of hyper-growth for LCX’s ecosystem as we continue to deliver on our vision to tokenize the world. 

We are determined to drive growth and innovation as the new category leader in the blockchain industry. We are incredibly proud of the product lineup for 2022 and we are encouraged by the positive customer response we’ve seen.

LCX is well positioned to lead in tokenized assets and digital securities, be the Nr 1 place for compliant token sales “crypto gems” and establish the leading regulated crypto exchange with deep liquidity headquartered in Europe.

Since the inception of LCX in 2018, we are pioneering in the digital asset industry bridging the traditional monetary system and the fast-moving crypto space. Over the past 4 years LCX kept delivering and established as a new growth leader in crypto trading, digital asset tokenization and the future of digital securities. Here are some of my personal highlights: LCX gained regulatory approvals – more than any other company in Liechtenstein; LCX awarded as a Top 50 company; LCX got listed at Coinbase; LCX Liechtenstein Protocol White Paper for the future of security tokens published and partnerships with Hedera Hashgraph and Polkadot announce; LCX engaging among the global leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF Videos: 2018, 2019); LCX incredible supportive advisors like Jimmy Wales and Don Tapscott; LCX launched “bloomberg-style” trading terminal for crypto; LCX launched a powerful DEX aggregator “Fire Salamander”; LCX launched regulated LCX Exchange; LCX announces Tokenized Diamonds NFT platform; LCX raising tens of millions $ via LCX’s token sale manager compared as the “Goldman Sachs of Crypto”; and LCX’s outstanding and super supportive community!

To increase awareness of LCX’s strength and unique benefits we will be working with international media agencies, build out our own social media content media factory and start with focused sports and conference sponsorings. I personally plan to also host several in-person VIP gatherings to engage with our top traders, key partners and most active community members (really looking forward to doing more like this 😉

At a high level, we focus on Product Quality and Strategy Execution to deliver sustainable growth and best-ever corporate performance in 2022. 

Our growth strategy is based on the following key pillars:

  • Crypto Trading; LCX’s centralized digital assets exchange is at the core of all our activities leading to deep liquidity and trading volumes
  • NFT’s, Tokenization and Digital Ownership; building and improving our fully decentralized NFT platform around tokenized assets, ownership tokens and super rare NFTs. 
  • Digital Securities; Additional licenses for security tokens issuance, purchase, sale and trading
  • DeFi and Web3: Re-position our DEX aggregator, integrate Layer 2s solutions and continue experimenting with new community driven token models based on the success of TIA token.

In 2022 we expect to releases and milestones to fall into this quarterly schedule:


  • Launch of Tiamonds NFT’s and TIA Token
  • Announcement of at least 1 new compliant token sale raising funds at LCX’s token sale manager
  • LCX Mobile Update for Android

and also in Q1-2022

  • Announcement of LCX’s first own security token and filing of prospectus


  • LCX Mobile Launch for Apple iOS
  • LCX’s expanded NFT Marketplace around Tiamonds and Tokenized Assets
  • Tiamonds Governance Functionality
  • LCX’s Digital Securities Licensing Framework and Filings

In addition in 2022 we expect the following releases and milestones without disclosing the particular launch dates: 

    • LCX Exchange 2.0 relaunch and facelift. Development is at 92% already, but the final 10% including testing and quality assurance matters. 
    • Based on our filled pipeline for token sale projects, we expect at least 1 new “crypto gem” being launched via our compliant token sale plattform per month.
    • Product Update of LCX DeFi Terminal aka. Fire Salamander. First small improvements, launch of governance system and second large structural update to increase reach and add extra benefits.
    • Launch of Security Token Offerings (STO) and new digital security products and services
    • One-stop token sale participation via LCX Mobile and updates of all apps
  • Tiamonds platform updates including Governance Functionality
  • Tiamonds launch of additional tokenized diamonds drops and expand TIA token own to earn opportunities
  • Launch of LCX rewards and staking
  • Establishing of LCX’s VIP user programs
  • New referral program for our active community
  • Delivering results and projects based on our Key Partnerships. And establishing new global partnerships to deliver on our mission. 

Besides that we will continue to invest in long-term research and development projects and announce the latest progress to our community first. These R&D projects include Quantitative Market Making (QMM), Liechtenstein Protocol, Regulated Price Services LCX Price Oracles 2.0 and innovative LCX blockchain protocols. Follow us @LCX on twitter or join our verified telegram community.

Lcx’s Future Ambitions “It’s the Eye of the Tiger”

Visualizing goals is an unfair advantage for every successful entrepreneur. Here are my top five goals from our Vision Board: 

  • Team – In a hybrid-work environment we aim to grow beyond 100 full-time employees. 
  • LCX Token – Our LCX ecosystem token aims to be listed among the top 50 globally. 
  • LCX Exchange – Building out organic liquidity at our exchange aiming at more than $100m in daily transaction volume. 
  • LCX Token Sale – Raising more than $100m in compliantly issued and managed token sales managed by LCX. 
  • LCX Accounts – Growing our loyal and passionate LCX community beyond 1 million users.

Every single day at LCX, our team is driving change with passion, boldness, and fearlessness. We notice how LCX establishes a reputation to deliver results, universally respected and revered for our courage by both friends and competitors. The LCX team is strong, powerful and fully focused on our long-term vision and short-term results. We are the tiger of 2022.

Onwards and upwards.

Written by Monty C. M. Metzger – @montymetzger,
CEO and Executive Chairman at – @LCX

Disclaimer: This content contains forward-looking statements that involve inherent risks and uncertainties, and we might not be able to achieve the predictions, forecasts, projections and other outcomes we describe or imply in forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements are management’s present expectations of future events and are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. A number of important factors could cause results to differ materially from the plans, objectives, expectations, estimates, and intentions we express in these forward-looking statements and in other public filings and press releases. We may not achieve all of the expected benefits of our strategic initiatives and partnerships. Factors beyond our control, including but not limited to the market and economic conditions, changes in laws, rules or regulations and other market challenges, could limit our ability to achieve some or all of the expected benefits of these initiatives. This content is not financial advice and should not form the basis of any financial investment decisions nor be seen as a recommendation to buy or sell any good or product. Trading cryptocurrency is complex and comes with a high risk of losing money, particularly if you trade on leverage. You should carefully consider whether trading cryptocurrencies is right for you and take the time to learn how trading works and decide how much money you are prepared to lose.

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