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Product Update: Expanding LCX Terminal

The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Suite

After a month of successful testing with users who had signed up for early access, LCX’s advanced multi-exchange crypto trading platform is now in open beta for both retail and institutional investors.

LCX’s team is fully dedicated to improve the way traders manage their crypto asset holdings in a combined view of all bitcoin exchanges and other crypto exchanges . When we defined the goal to build the missing infrastructure for professional investors to enter the crypto-asset market, we imagined a tool to manage your whole portfolio on one platform. This idea becomes a reality today. We invite you to test LCX Terminal to trade and manage your crypto assets across multiple crypto exchange, analyse your portfolio, access the latest news and export reports.

This product update is focused on majorly two elements:

  • Expanding Network: Connected Exchanges

  • Expanding Usability: Improving Account Management

Expanding Network: Connected Exchanges

We have added three new exchanges to LCX Terminal – OkexCoinbase Pro, and Poloniex.

Our tech team is working continuously to add more exchanges. Additional updates on connectivity to crypto exchanges will follow.

Expanding Usability: Improving Account Management

LCX is committed to continue delivering high-quality products and services. We’ve constantly made reassessments on how we can grow and improve our product further. 

That’s why we updated and improved the LCX Accounts Management. Our team explored how our clients use the platform and identified areas where we can improve the way users interact with our platform. Today, we have launched the new user interface – it is now available to all of our users.

A comprehensive user dashboard that displays all the information you need in one place

The new LCX User Dashboard shows you the information that matter, arranged under three tabs: your total account balance, your account status and Infos about how you can earn LCX tokens.

We are excited about the progress we made since our last Product Update last month. Enhancements across the LCX ecosystem will continue.

Now it’s your turn, test the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Suite, LCX Terminal, and the new LCX Account Management yourself.

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