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Product Update: Launch of LCX Terminal

You can only create, what you can imagine.

When we defined the goal to build the missing infrastructure for professional investors to enter the crypto asset market, we imagined a tool to manage your whole portfolio on one platform. This idea becomes reality today. 

After months of hard work, the whole LCX Team is proud and excited to launch LCX Terminal. 

Key Features of LCX Terminal:

  • Manage Multiple Exchanges – If you trade or invest in crypto, you know how complex it is to manage multiple exchange accounts. LCX Terminal offers you the best in class trading desk which lets you smartly trade through a single trading desk instead of shifting from one exchange to the other.

  • Deep Analytics & Audit Reporting Tool – Security is the top most priority when it comes to crypto-trading. Keeping this in mind, we’ve build LCX Terminal which have a Industry-grade record keeping of transaction history and cost basis information for tax reporting.

  • Real Time Profit-Loss Statement – Crypto trading is majorly dependent on managing the portfolio you’ve & keeping a real time check on the assets you’ve invested on. LCX Terminal lets you professionally manage your portfolio in real-time with watchlists and customized trading views.

Connected Exchanges –

We have currently added 4 exchanges on our platform – Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex and Bittrex. 

Additional exchanges will be connected and implemented on our platform soon.

Historical data of trading pairs

One of the most significant updates amongst all of these is that we added the historical data for all trading pairs. We have been sure to keep all the important market data on the new platform, whilst offering a better and more user-friendly UX. 

KYC implemented on LCX Accounts

The other important feature which is compulsory for any exchange is to get KYC implemented, which will give our users a chance to:

  • Buy LCX utility tokens 
  • Subscribe to LCX Terminal 
  • Pay fees with the LCX utility tokens

Introduction of our pricing plans

For professional traders, we’ve introduced a basic plan of $29 per month which can only be paid through LCX tokens. You can simply convert any of your crypto assets [ETH, BTC, BNB, XRP] to LCX tokens by logging into your LCX Account.

For institutional traders, we’ve set custom pricing – please contact us for details.

Performance Charts

Another important update for LCX users is that it our platform is powered by real-time streaming market data directly coming from the exchanges.

If you have your exchange accounts connected to LCX, your balances, transactions, and orders are also always up-to-date.

While we make every effort to ensure your portfolio information and market information is always current, there may be situations that are out of our control, such as limitations on API functionality provided by the exchange, or downtime, etc. In such situations, contact us at [email protected]

Integration of Support Centre

Starting from how to link your exchange accounts with LCX to understanding the working of LCX terminal we’ve got you covered with our support center. Enter a few details, and our customer support champs will be there to help you in no time. Visit support centre.

Purchase of LCX tokens through My Accounts

Simply convert any of your crypto assets [ETH, BTC, BNB, XRP] to LCX tokens by logging into your LCX Account.


We understand that there is still a lot of work to do but we are ready for it!

We will soon be able to reveal a lot of other important updates that we are working on including interesting and useful features, such as a historical chart for the reported trade volume.

At this time, we would really appreciate your in-depth feedback regarding LCX’s platform usability in general and our new and improved features. We believe that feedback from our community is one of the most efficient ways for us to improve the platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly on LCX Terminal. Just press the support chat button on top navigation. We are always eager to listen to your opinion.

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