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Product Update: Performance, Functionalities & User Administration

As part of our commitment to build a cutting-edge product and prioritizing customer feedback our team is constantly improving the LCX experience. 

Today, we are launching another performance update. We aim to create a high-performance product that is more streamlined and user-friendly. And we are listening to our community. 


We have implemented many smaller updates and functionality improvements. Many things you have reported to us or where you made suggestions to improve things. Thank you for helping us create a better product. 


We have further improved our performance of our platform and our LCX Matching Engine. We currently see hundreds of new verified users joining our platform on a daily basis – thus trading volume and usability is growing. We have adapted our servers to the increased usage and we are preparing for additional growth as part of our #100DaysLCX campaign.

User Administration

We have launched a major update in our backend administration interface which helps our customer success team to serve our customers faster and more efficiently. As we grow, we also receive more questions and support request. With our upgrade at our admin platform we are ready to serve our community better and faster. 

So don’t wait, go test it yourself – log into your LCX account at

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