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What is Chainlink (LINK)?

LINK tokens are utility tokens that are used to pay for services on the Chainlink network. Chainlink is a decentralized ecosystem consisting of a network of nodes that uses oracles to provide real-world data and information from off-blockchain sources to on-blockchain smart contracts. Smart contracts is the term used to describe before-mentioned agreements between two or more parties created on the blockchain that analyze information and automatically execute contracts when the mentioned requirements are met. 

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain. Chainlink is one LCX’s official partners and LCX is a data-provider to the chainlink network. Chainlink is a platform that is bridging the ever increasing gap between external data sources and public blockchains with their innovative solutions. Chainlink is a project that is not competing with other cryptocurrencies but creating a platform to advance the whole Blockchain ecosystem with their one of a kind protocols. Presently, the most developed Chainlink functionality is inclusive of aggregate price feeds for crypto and fiat currencies. Chainlink establishes these price feeds by incentivizing external data providers like centralised and decentralised exchanges to provide information.

How does it work?

Chainlink aims to develop the world’s first blockchain oracle network. An oracle blockchain network will be enabled to employ the same technologies present in traditional blockchains to make sure that the operating nodes are functioning properly and their data is accurate. 

In the Chainlink ecosystem, this process is initiated when a user sends a request Requesting Contract for information. This notification will be listed as a blockchain event within the network. It will then trigger the creation of a Chainlink Service Level Agreement (SLA) Contract. This contract parallely launches three additional contracts in the system.

Chainlink Reputation Contract: The first contract verifies the authenticity of an oracle. This coding will analyse every Oracle for it’s history. The system reviews the past contributions made by the oracle in question and determines their accuracy. A rank is assigned to the Oracle at the end of the assessment which assists easy utility of the best oracles.

Chainlink Order-Matching Contract: The second contract delivers the Requesting Contract to the Chainlink nodes. When the request is received by the nodes, they will initiate bidding on it. The system automatically configures the number of nodes and the node type needed to complete the request using preprogrammed prerequisites.

Chainlink Aggregation Contract: The last contract reconciles incorrect data. The system will analyse all the data that has completed the preceding checks and balances. Any data that fails to fall in line with the other network inputs are disregarded. Once this step is complete, the data is validated and available to the blockchain.

Benefits of LINK

There various benefits of LINK cryptocurrency:

  • It ensures that the smart contracts depending on the Chainlink network are successfully executed.
  • It is the only cryptocurrency that can be used for key operations on the Chainlink network.
  • It moderates interactions between the users of Chainlink.
  • LINK is the utility token used as a deposit necessitated by the smart contract developers and paid by the oracles.
  • The amount LINK held by an oracle determines its reputation on the network.
  • It has a limited supply of 1 billion LINK which implies that it can’t be mined beyond that amount.

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