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RVW Token Audited by CertiK

The RVW Movie Token has been audited by leading blockchain auditor CertiK to guard against hacks and malfunctions. The RVW Token is a issued by RVW Limited. More information about the Movie Token can be found at

LCX has developed the security token smart contract and acted as Token Generator in accordance to the Blockchain Laws (TVTG) Liechtenstein. The smart contract audit by CertiK includes rigorous formal verification, static analysis, and manual review. CertiK provides the most advanced security audits in the blockchain industry.

RVW Token – Audit by CertiK

Download the Audit Report as PDF at the CertiK Shield directory.

The RVW Token developed by LCX is a special security token. CertiK team facilitated the audit by utilizing static and dynamic analysis as well as manual review techniques. The smart contract auditing process involved 1) testing the smart contracts against both common and uncommon attack vectors; 2) Assessing the codebase to ensure best practices and industry standards; 3) Ensuring the smart contract meets the specifications and intentions; 4) line-by-line manual review of the entire codebase.

A total of 19 issues were identified during the auditing process, 17 of which had informational character and only 2 minor. All minor issues and 15 informational issues have been fully resolved. 2 informational issues have been acknowledged, but kept for strategic and compliance reasons.

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