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Token Generator LCX Deployed the RVW Security Token

LCX developed, created and deployed the RVW Token. LCX acted as Token Generator for the RVW security token issued by RVW Limited. The RVW Token is a tokenized security backed by the gross-profits of the Roe V. Wade feature film. The movie token is issued by RVW Limited. 

A tokenized security, security token, or sometimes called a crypto-security, is a financial instrument mainly used for fundraising, financing or as an initial public offering (IPO). It often represents rights to an investment or ownership-rights baked by an underlying real-world asset. 

RVW Token Deployed

The smart contract of the RVW Token has been deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. The official smart contract address is 0xedc145278cc59e27562275654918880b830960a0 and can be viewed at Etherscan.

Token Generator

LCX acts as exclusive Token Generator on behalf of RVW Limited and has developed, generated and deployed the security tokens directly in the clients wallet. 

The blockchain laws in Liechtenstein is officially called the Token and Trustworthy Technology Service Provider Act or often called the Blockchain Act. The law defines several key roles along the value chain of the token economy. One of these licensed roles is called, the Token Generator. 

The law defined the “Token Generator” as a person who generates one or more Tokens. The blockchain act is a regulatory framework enabling investor protection and legal clarity for issuing of security tokens. The laws also define strict requirements for LCX as a reliable Token Generator.

For example LCX has implemented special internal control mechanisms to ensure that the rights of the tokenized asset are properly represented in the Token. Since the blockchain laws (TVTG) has come into force in January 2020, LCX had provided the FMA a full set of informational documents about our business activities, compliance policies and documents about our crypto compliance software solutions.

Furthermore LCX, as a compliant Token Generator, must follow strict corporate governance requirements, documentation and record-keeping of all relevant records and supporting documents for supervisory purposes for at least 10 years. LCX also has to ensure that key information about the token are published and accessible by the public at all times.

Characteristics of a Security Token

Security Tokens, such as the RVW Movie Token, have different characteristics and functionalities than utility tokens, stablecoins, payment tokens or other digital assets like Bitcoin. LCX has been developing a new token standard called the “Liechtenstein Protocol” and will publish a detailed technical whitepaper in the coming months. The Liechtenstein Protocol defines useful smart contract elements in a new security token standard in accordance to financial market laws and compliance requirements. 

For example RVW maintains a Whitelist Database to validate decentralized transfers of the RVW
Token. The Whitelist Database is a database stored on the data section of the RVW Token smart contract. The Whitelist Database contains a record of information about individuals (users) that have satisfied the KYC/AML compliance procedures and thus are eligible to hold RVW Tokens in their designated wallets. 

LCX maintains the RVW Registry on behalf of the client RVW Limited, which is composed of (1) the name and user number (Reference ID) for KYC data associated with each digital wallet; and (2) the digital wallet addresses and the balance of RVW Tokens in each wallet address.

RVW Tokens are transferable, but transfers are limited. All RVW tokens acquired as part of the STO can only be initially transferred to wallets that have been whitelisted. Apart from that, there are no restrictions on the free portability of the tokens. 

Launching a Security Token

LCX is helping partners, clients and other blockchain projects to launch and issue tokens in a compliant manner. Instead of providing a standard white-label solution for STO’s, LCX is covering all aspects of a public digital asset offerings. From legal setup, legal documents, securities prospectus, development of the smart contract, token generation, up to providing a custom purchase platform including an advanced KYC solution and token management. 

LCX provides the most advanced infrastructure of digital assets. The LCX STO Launchpad is the digital infrastructure as a technology solutions to manage digital assets, security tokens and tokenize any type of private assets, cryptocurrency as well as digital currencies. 

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