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Successfully Closing RVW Token Sale

LCX facilitated the RVW Security Token Sale as the exclusive technology blockchain service provider in Q4 2020. The RVW Token was issued and sold by RVW Limited. LCX is a regulated and compliant Trusted Technology Service Provider and has been granted 8 regulatory registrations by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority as part of the new Blockchain laws.

One of these roles is called the Token Generator where LCX offers smart contract development for utility tokens, governance tokens, security tokens and any other form of tokenized assets. For Roe V. Wade Movie LCX has created the RVW Token and managed the Audit in collaboration with Certik.

Another role is called the “TT Identity Service Provider” where LCX offers a one-stop KYC solution for investor on-boarding and management of a real-time token holder registry similar to a cap table for traditional securities or equity. 

At the core of the RVW Token sale LCX provided the STO Launchpad, a custom technology solution to manage all aspects of the compliant security token sale.

Closing the RVW Token Sale

The team of RVW Limited, Nick Loeb and Cathy Allen, have informed us that the RVW Token Sale has been closed. All investors are benefiting and getting the entire return of investment, the full 20% annual yield plus a special bonus. The Roe V. Wade Movie will premiere April 2nd 2021. 

Termination and Full Repayment for Investors

Due to the Pandemic all movie theaters are closed and it’s unclear when they will reopen. As a result the team behind Roe V. Wade Movie had to adapt to the new conditions and restructured their distribution and film release plans. The movie will launch on Video-On-Demand platforms, rolled out via streaming services and will be shown in special private screenings. Formally RVW Limited has terminated the tokenized bond in accordance with the Token Offering Memorandum and the Terms of the Token Sale. 

Extra Bonus for Investors

The closing and termination of the tokenized bond results in a full repayment of the investment to investors. The RVW Token has not been distributed to the investors and is stored in the secure cold storage of RVW Limited. 

Most investors did invest by a payment in Ethereum ETH in November 2020. LCX advised and convinced RVW Limited to pay back their investment in ETH as well, although the tokenized bond is denominated in USD. Due to the rise of ETH’s value and the current all-time-high, this is in favor of all investors – a special bonus for investors. For LCX, the community is important and that’s why this was important to us as well. 

Furthermore RVW Limited agreed to pay the full annual yield to all investors, also paid in ETH. This means that all investors will get the full repayment plus 20% as an extra bonus and paid in ETH. 

The main token sale manager website of RVW Token has been moved to a new URL to keep all investors informed and provide long term login to their accounts. The Token Sale website and all investor accounts is online at 

Eat. Sleep. Tokenize. Repeat.

LCX and its whole team profited from this initial security token offering enabled by the STO Launchpad and in accordance with LCX’s regulated roles defined by the Liechtenstein blockchain laws. Fundraising via security tokens and compliant initial token offerings for any digital asset is not an abstract vision anymore but a reality with enormous potential.

LCX’s crypto compliance suite has been proven to be ready for large projects like this one. LCX is confident to on-board tens of thousands of investors in a fully compliant manner. Continuously following the strict KYC, CFT, AML and SoW/SoF rules and regulations. 

LCX has also proven that the custom security token standard is working reliably to maintain compliance on token level. Managing whitelisting of wallets and providing a real-time cap table aka. token holder registry for the security token issuer. 

A special shout-out to our LCX community – Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more announcements and token offerings powered by LCX.

And last but not least, we are ready to scale.

LCX’s token manager as a technology platform in combination with the legal toolbox and LCX’s regulatory approvals is a unique offering no other blockchain company can provide. 

Do you want to start your own compliant token sale? A utility token initial offering for your blockchain company or an innovative security token? Come talk to us and send us more details to tokensale @ LCX . com

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