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Utilize The LCX Exchange Platform For Trading Benefits

LCX, a secure, regulated, and transparent cryptocurrency exchange, has secured the approval of nine registrations by the FMA following the Token and Trusted Technology Service Provider Act (TVTG). Regulated and compliant under Liechtenstein blockchain laws, LCX offers the ultimate protection to consumers. At LCX Exchange Platform, the consumer funds are segregated from the company funds by law, and in the event of insolvency or mismanagement, the consumer funds can’t be touched.  

The LCX exchange platform is under rapid and consistent evolution, in sync with the growth within the crypto market, and firmly believes that cryptocurrency exchange platforms need to step up their game and adhere to higher security protocols for enhanced fund and data safety. It has always placed a high value on safety and security. LCX guarantees the proactive implementation of systems and checks to facilitate trade safely and securely. 

Are you looking to maximize your trading benefits on the LCX exchange platform? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll go over some key tips on how to utilize the LCX exchange platform for maximum trading benefits.

Familiarize yourself with the platform

To gain the most benefit from trading, it is important to familiarize yourself with the exchange platform and brush up on the basics. This includes learning how to place orders, manage your portfolio, and access key tools and resources. The LCX Exchange is built on scalable infrastructure, with a high-performance matching engine and a secure backend. LCX’s platform offers world-class stability and service quality tailored to the needs of professional investors. It incorporates the LCX custody solution, analytical tools, and a variety of reporting capabilities.  LCX has a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive trading guide to get users up to speed quickly. Check out the comprehensive beginner’s guide here

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Secure your account

The security of funds accrued is paramount for a pleasant trading experience. At LCX, the security of the funds and data is a top priority. LCX offers multiple security protocols for the benefit of its users. To access strong account security at LCX, enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) and an anti-phishing code. LCX supports Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication due to its popularity and ease. We recommend keeping your reset key safely stored if you ever need to transfer the 2FA codes to another device. LCX always requires users to confirm their IP address by clicking on an email sent by LCX upon login using a username and password. Additionally, once the users enable the anti-phishing code, the code will appear in all LCX emails the user receives. This code can be used to determine whether an email is legitimate or a scam. For more information about 2FA, please click here

Read the order book carefully

The art of efficient trading lies in the heart of the order book. An order book is an organized listing of active buy and sell orders for an asset on a trading platform. Order books also usually include visual elements, such as tables and charts, to convey information. To read an LCX order book effectively, start by identifying the columns labeled “Bids” and “Asks.” Bids represent the current buy orders on the exchange platform, while asks represent the current sell orders. Each entry in the “bid” and “ask” columns will show the price at which the order is being placed and the total number of units being offered at that price. The bid column shows the current highest bid price, while the ask column shows the current lowest ask price. LCX offers two types of trades: Market orders and Limit orders. Market orders allow users to trade their coins at the current market price. It is the kind of trade that is most simple and fastest. Whereas limit orders allow users to trade their coins at a specified price, i.e., at the price you’re willing to trade. Learn more about trading basics lingo here!

In Conclusion

LCX, by definition of its embedded values, offers security, trust, and a regulated exchange platform for its users to capitalize on the multitude of benefits offered by it. LCX, apart from offering top trading opportunities in leading cryptocurrencies and other assets, also offers the ultimate security of users’ funds as LCX adheres to Liechtenstein blockchain laws, which require the user funds and company funds to be kept separate at all times.

Utilize lcx for trading benefits
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