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A Guide on Why Asset-Backed NFTs Are The Best Investment Choice

With investors being more cautious than ever in their investment decisions, the crypto market is in a slump. Either the investors are liquidating their assets, or they are just letting them sit idle inside their wallets or accounts. Anyway, the market and investors are facing a loss. A downturn in the market should not stop consumers from investing. It simply means that investors need to diversify and look for other safer and smarter investment options, NFTs being one of them.  

NFTs have been the focus within the crypto world for some time, yet NFTs that represent real-world assets have received less focus in the past. These NFTs have the potential to redefine the NFT marketplace by opening up whole new models of owning and trading assets. Here’s how:  

  • Sensible and safer investment: NFTs of digital assets have value within the digital space or within the crypto marketplace, but real-world asset-backed NFTs also have value within the physical world. It is more solid from an investment standpoint. The asset has an individual existence and exists in an ecosystem in which its value is independent of the ups and downs in the crypto marketplace. If the consumer invests in an item that is always valuable in the real world, like Diamonds for example, then the investment is clearly a win-win situation. 
  • Enhances accessibility of valuable assets: Tokenized NFTs can open up new avenues of ownership for investors. With the elimination of the need for physical assets to be transported every time a trade is executed for tokenized NFT, investors can own valuable assets from anywhere in the world. The investors are saved from the burdening costs of shipping costs, while also reducing the damage risk of the asset.  

Trading in luxury items was never easier than this. LCX, a regulated crypto exchange platform, has NFTs called Tiamonds which have 1-1 ownership rights to real-world Diamonds. With the luxury of buying Tiamonds being just a click away on a secure platform, an investor can own the finest Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified Diamonds which are insured by Llyod’s London and stored in a secure vault in Liechtenstein.  

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  • Offers security and immutability of assets: As proof of transaction for the real-world asset on NFT, an immutable distributed ledger technology is utilized. It is a tamper-proof record of asset ownership and transfers. This is a more secure way to trade luxury and valuable assets than just a single centralized asset registry as used in the physical world. 
  • Decentralizes the trading market: In a traditional market setup, buying and selling assets is highly centralized. Tokenized NFTs largely eliminate the need for excessive intermediaries. This promotes market efficiency and reduces costs on the part of both buyers and sellers. 

 Certainly, tokenized NFTs are the assets investors need to get their hands on. But it is important to invest in or trade in NFTs on the right platform to capitalize on the trade effectively. Always choose a regulated exchange and trading platform like LCX  for the safety and security of your accounts and funds. LCX offers tokenized NFTs backed by the real-world finest Diamonds. Owning Diamonds is a dream of many, and so is owning NFTs now. LCX combined the best of these two worlds for the investors to invest in and rejoice.  

All Tiamonds represent 1-1 ownership rights of real-world Diamonds and are accompanied by the reward of a deflationary cryptocurrency called TIA Tokens through the “Own to Earn model”. Tiamonds project by LCX includes two key elements: Tokenized Diamonds called Tiamonds and a deflationary cryptocurrency called TIA Token. TIA Tokens are a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi Token connected to Tiamonds. The owners of the first-generation Tiamonds NFT received 1 million TIA Tokens. Investors can easily buy, sell or trade TIA Tokens on the LCX Exchange and Uniswap.  

Check out Tiamonds success story here! 


Tokenized NFTs have the potential to offer wide-ranging utility for an array of innovative real asset use cases, with practical benefits beyond efficiency improvements. We are just scratching the surface of the huge potential tokenized NFTs. Being regulated under Liechtenstein blockchain laws, LCX is already way ahead of its competitors and contemporaries. Tiamonds is on the journey to carve its own niche in the NFT ecosystem, investors need to hop on this wagon now! 

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