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Steps to Secure Your LCX Account

The security of our platform and users is a priority at LCX. We take extensive security measures to ensure your cryptocurrency investment and account are protected. It is important to remember that security is a shared responsibility – Although we do our best to keep your account safe, it is your responsibility to follow the best security practices to enhance your account’s security. 

LCX is audited by Hacken and is among the top certified exchanges worldwide for safety and security. Find the details here: LCX Among Top Certified Exchanges Worldwide for Safety and Security

In this article, we will share the best practices for you to keep your LCX account secure, as we always encourage having multiple layers of security. A wise man once said, “No Safety, Know Pain, Know Safety, No Pain.” 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of securing your LCX account:

Password Security: Use unique, strong passwords & Change them Regularly

Passwords are the first line of defense, so it is important to ensure they are secure. It is important to assure that all of your online accounts are secured with strong and unique passwords. It is recommended to use a long, strong, and unique alphanumeric password for your LCX account. Don’t use the same password across multiple online accounts. 

Create a password with more than eight characters, including uppercase, lowercase, and special characters. As alphanumeric passwords may be difficult to remember.Having a strong password is a great first step, but passwords shouldn’t be left unchanged. Regularly changing your passwords is good practice, since attackers may find ways to steal them. Additionally, this applies to the email associated with your LCX account. 

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Once you’ve created your LCX account, the first thing to do is enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure complete security without compromise. For more information about why we consider 2FA to be the pinnacle of account security, please click here

LCX supports Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication due to its popularity and ease. We recommend keeping your reset key safely stored if you ever need to transfer the 2FA codes to another device.LCX always requires users to confirm their IP address by clicking on an email sent by LCX upon login using a username and password. As an added security layer, 2FA helps you secure your account. 

Keep Track of Your Account Activity

Check out your recent activity under settings in your LCX account, where you can view your active sessions including authorized mobile apps, confirmed devices, and web sessions. We strongly advise you to keep tracking your recent activities to avoid any suspicious action.

Additionally, you can see what IP address was used to access your account and when. You should immediately disable your account if you notice anything suspicious. Trading and withdrawals will be suspended, and all devices that can access your account will be disabled.

Phishing Alerts

Phishing attacks are very common these days, it’s important to always stay alert to these types of threats. Always use the official LCX website, and bookmark our website This can prevent you from visiting a substantial number of fake websites that are seeking to gain access to your account information.

Email and messages are also standard phishing methods these days. Always carefully check the emails you receive from LCX, if you receive an email or message from LCX that seems suspicious, send it to [email protected] for verification. You can also live chat with our support executive by visiting our FAQ and support section.

Secure Your Email

LCX uses your email address as one of its primary communication channels. The email address you provide us with is used to confirm every time you log into your LCX account, provide you with important account alerts, and contact you if you require assistance. You must ensure its security. To protect your email we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Never share your email access with anyone
  • Always log in on secured network and devices
  • Always use a strong password
  • Keep changing your password regularly
  • Keep track of authorized devices
  • Keep your recovery email address and phone number updated

The Final Note

It is important to keep your LCX account secure. This article discusses some methods for keeping your digital assets safe from hackers. It is recommended always to follow the best security practices to ensure the utmost security of your funds and personal information from malicious actors. Please do not hesitate to contact LCX support if you have a security concern or question.

Steps to secure your LCX Account
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