DGMV token overview and use-cases?

$DGMV tokens are ERC-20 based utility tokens designed to become the core currency for DigiMetavserse. The primary features of the DGMV token are as follows:

  • Powering SID for the users: DGMV, in combination with user SID, opens a comprehensive suite of enterprise and consumer services for the users. 
  • Incentivizing the stakeholders: DGMV is designed to reward all the stakeholders within the network equally.
  • Standard ERC-20 token: Being a part of the ERC-20 ecosystem built upon the Ethereum framework, DGMV becomes more accessible to users and investors. 
  • Governance and loyalty rewards: The DGMV token was created for loyalty-derived governance of the DigiMetaverse network. Customers will also get loyalty-based discounts on applications and services.
  • User Management: Apart from wallet-based SID management, DGMV is responsible for user management and off-platform trading of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.