How do I deposit Euro to my LCX Account?

You can deposit Euro to your LCX Account in two ways: Monerium and Credit/Debit Card. 

Follow these simple steps. 


Note: Our IBAN number begins with EE since our banking partner is located in Estonia.

  1. Open your LCX Account
  2. Click on the Deposit Tab in the Dashboard. This window will open.
Deposit Euro
  1. You’ll be presented with the option to Select the coin/token to deposit. 
  2. Once you select Euro, you will be requested to choose a bank account.

Note: For first time users, you are required to add your bank account details. Please click the link to know the process-

  1. Follow the instructions mentioned on the SEPA Deposit Screen. 
Add account details

6. Copy IBAN number 


7. Next you are required to copy Reference code

reference code

8. Agree to the terms and conditions to move forward with the deposit transaction then click on confirm. Your Euro will be deposited to your LCX Account within 72 working hours. 

Credit/Debit Card

  1. Open your LCX Account
  2. Click on the Deposit Tab
Click deposit

3. Select the Coin as EUR

Select the Coin as EUR

4. Choose the Provider – Credit/Debit Card

5. Enter the Amount (Once you enter the amount, the additional fees is also calculated and total amount will be shown on your screen)

Enter the amount

6. Once confirmed, kindly click on Enter Card info next.

Card details

7. Enter all your card Info and accept the Terms and Conditions

Click terms and conditions

8. Click on Pay

pay now

9/ Deposit successful 

Deposit successful