Why Documents Are Getting Rejected?

The identity verification request can be rejected due to one of the following reasons:

-Incorrect National ID/Passport Number. The details entered do not match the document uploaded

-Document information is covered with hands/other objects, please try uploading the document without covering the information present on the document.

-The document submitted by you is blurred, please re-upload the document.

-The information is not clearly readable on the document uploaded by you, please re-upload the document.

-You have uploaded only one side of the National ID, please re-upload from both sides.

-The information provided does not match the document uploaded, please check the information and upload the marching document.

-The document submitted by you is expired, please upload a valid document for the verification process.

-The document submitted is password protected.

-Please upload your passport for faster application processing.

-As you have selected your passport for identity verification please upload your Passport or select the other option and upload your National ID from both sides.