How Much Interest Do I Get?

The EURt7 tokenized bond offers a fixed annual interest rate of 7%, which is calculated on a daily basis and paid on a quarterly basis. This means that every day, the interest on your investment is calculated based on your current investment balance of the bond, and this interest is credited to your account every end of the quarter.

In your LCX Earn dashboard, you can view your invested amount, total interest earned, and current value of your EURt7 tokenized bond. The total interest earned is the cumulative amount of interest earned over the term, and this amount is included in the payout amount that you will receive in your main wallet. At the end of the term, the maturity of the bond or the date of termination, you will receive the payout amount, which includes the invested amount and the total interest earned over the term of the bond.

If you have any questions or concerns about how interest is calculated or when you will receive your interest payments, we recommend contacting our customer support team for more information.