Is LCX regulated?

Yes. LCX is a public limited company duly incorporated under the laws of Liechtenstein. LCX acts as a virtual asset service provider (“VASP”) registered with the national supervisory authority, the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (“FMA”) under the Liechtenstein Act on Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Providers (TTTA or in German TVTG) under register number 288159. LCX is registered since December 30, 2020, as:

  • Token Issuer: offering and sales of Virtual Assets to the public on behalf of a third party.
  • Token Issuer: offering and sales of Virtual Assets to the public on their own.
  • Token Generator: generating one or more Virtual Assets or smart contract development.
  • TT Identity Service Provider: identifying the person authorized to dispose of Virtual Assets and records it in a register; or in other words a service for KYC and investor onboarding.
  • TT Price Service Provider: a service providing aggregated price information to users of Trusted Technology Systems (“TT”), such as distributed ledger technologies like blockchains, based on buy and sell offers or completed transactions.
  • TT Key Custodian: a service who keeps private keys for clients aka. crypto custody.
  • TT Token Custodian: a service who holds Virtual Assets in another person’s name for another person’s account in custody aka. crypto custody.
  • TT Exchange Service Provider: a service exchanges legal tender for Virtual Assets and vice versa, and Virtual Assets for other Virtual Assets; fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto.
  • Physical Validator: ensures the contractual enforcement of token rights to objects on the Blockchain as defined by the property law.

    * TT stands for Trusted Technology