How is the trading competition different from regular trading on the platform?

The trading competition stands out from regular trading on the platform in several ways:

  1. Competition Structure: The trading competition typically has a defined start and end date, creating a time-bound and competitive environment. In contrast, regular trading is ongoing and not constrained by specific competition timelines.
  1. Prizes and Rewards: Trading competitions often come with additional incentives such as prizes, rewards, or recognition for top performers. In regular trading, while there may be market gains, the platform may not offer specific rewards tied to trading activities.
  1. Leaderboard Dynamics: Trading competitions usually feature real-time leaderboards that showcase the rankings of participants based on their trading performance. Regular trading does not typically have this competitive ranking system.
  1. Community Engagement: Competitions often foster a sense of community engagement and camaraderie among participants striving to excel. Regular trading may not have the same level of communal interaction, as it is more individual-focused.

Understanding these distinctions can help participants tailor their approach and expectations based on whether they are engaging in a trading competition or following a more traditional trading path on the platform.