How Will the Interest Be Paid?

Interest payments for the EURt7 tokenized bond are made quarterly, at the end of each quarter.

The first interest payment being made at the end of the first fully elapsed quarter after investment. Suppose an investor purchases the EURt7 tokenized bond on February 10th. In this case, the first quarter is not fully elapsed. Therefore, the first interest payment would be made at the end of the second quarter – the first fully elapsed quarter, which would be June 30th. Subsequent interest payments would follow the quarterly schedule, at the end of each quarter.

Investors should keep in mind that the interest rate is fixed at 7% per year, and the interest payments will be made directly to their account on the LCX platform.

In the LCX Earn dashboard, investors can view their invested amount, total interest, and current value of their EURt7 tokenized bond. At the end of term, the maturity of the bond or the date of termination, the investor will receive the full payout amount, which includes the initial invested amount and the total interest earned over the term of the bond.

Additionally, any applicable taxes or fees related to interest income may apply, and investors should consult with a tax professional or financial advisor for more information.