Why was my selfie not recognized?

KYC and user verification: The most common reason for this to happen is inappropriate placement of your face within the frame for selfie. Make sure your face is in the centre of the frame and you are not too far from the camera. For the first selfie, you can look straight into the camera and for your second selfie, turn your face slightly to the left at an angle, not more than 45 degrees.

The liveness detection requires natural head movement to prevent “photo-swapping” attacks. Sudden or negligible head movements will cause a failure in liveness detection. To get your selfie verified, make sure your face is in the centre of the frame and the camera isn’t too far from the frame. Also, make natural head movements like nodding or slightly moving the face to the left at a 45 degree angle. 

Please make sure that the head movement for the second selfie wasn’t too strong or too negligible as that leads to rejection of the selfie. To get yourself verified, do a nodding movement instead to avoid sudden head movements.