How to Complete Verification on LCX Exchange?

User Identity Verification is a crucial step in making an account on LCX Platform. 

Follow the below mentioned steps to complete your user verification on LCX Exchange.

  1. Go to your Account and open the main page. 

2. Click on your profile on the right-hand side of the top and click on “Verify your account”.

Step 2(a)- Now complete step 1 of KYC on the given page and provide details such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile number, and Residence details.

On the next page, add your address details and click on continue.

Add details such as your occupation, source of funds, ID document number, and click “Submit”.

Step 2(b)- Once step one is completed, kindly follow the next steps where you have to upload the documents for verification. Select the identity proof that you intend to upload. You can upload your Passport or your National Identity Card.

Note: In the case of a passport, you are only required to upload the front page of your passport. In the case of National Identity, you are required to upload both; the front and back page of your identity proof. Also, please upload a document in English language or highlight your NAME, ADDRESS, ISSUE DATE, and TYPE OF DOCUMENT in the image.


Note: Make sure that you select the correct ID Type for the proof you are providing.

We accept Proof of Address in other languages so long as the name and address are written in English. *For Indonesia, LCX does not consider national ID. Only a passport is valid as an identity proof. 

All documents should be in roman letters. ID Documents or Passports need to be in the English language.

3. Click on “Validate” and then on continue.

4. Your ID document will be validated successfully, now click “Continue”

5. You’ll be directed to the selfie verification page.

6. You are required to take a selfie using your webcam or the camera on your device. Make sure that the lighting is abundant and that your face is clearly visible in the picture. Also, your face should be in the center of the frame. Please follow the instructions and click on ” I am ready to start”.

7. Now take the selfie as per the instructions and click on “Continue”

8. You are now required to upload address proof. You can do this by uploading a picture of a utility bill (for electricity, water, internet, etc.), a bank statement, or a letter from the government that confirms your address. 

Note: The document should not be more than 3 months old. Make sure that the image is clear with every detail clearly visible.

9. Upload your documents and click on “Submit”.

10. The documents will go for verification by our KYC Analysts. Your account will be verified within 24-48 hours.