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LCX History & Milestones: Three Years Of Transforming Financial Markets

It all started with a napkin; on November 27, 2017, at the heart of #CryptoValley in Zug, Switzerland, the founder of LCX, Monty C. M. Metzger wrote the basic idea on this napkin. 

LCX was founded in 2018 with the vision to Disrupt, Innovate and Deliver. LCX is bridging traditional market participants with the crypto market to enable them to leverage opportunities arising from the growth of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets.

LCX’s goal is to become one of the world’s first regulated and supervised blockchain ecosystems for professional investors. Since its launch, LCX has come a long way and is going from strength to strength, serving as a blockchain ecosystem, a regulated trading venue, a compliant token sale manager, a tokenization platform, and much more.

There are now over 30 cryptocurrencies and 60+ trading pairs available on the LCX Exchange, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, QNT, Polkadot, and LCX Token.

2021 marks an incredible year of growth and expansion for LCX. The year began with the launch of LCX exchange and ending with its global expansion to the USA through the launch of LCX Inc. USA. LCX launched the first regulated token sale for Digicorp Labs’ DiGiMetaVerse on its platform. This year LCX Token got listed on Coinbase, the largest U.S based cryptocurrency exchange, and reached its all-time high of $0.70.

Date  Milestones
2017 LCX Vision – Initial partnerships, business planning & team building.
April 2018 Incorporation of LCX AG – Seed funding, technology development.
Sept 2018 LCX Blockchain Sessions with Prof. Dr. Shoucheng Zhang, Stanford Professor and LCX Advisor
26 Sep ‘18 LCX attended the Finance Meets Future conference in Vaduz.
23 Nov ‘18 LCX Terminal in Closed Beta
27 Nov ‘18 LCX has been granted a Business License by the Liechtenstein Ministry of Economic Affairs to conduct its business in Liechtenstein (Gewerbebewilligung).
3 Dec ‘18  Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) named LCX as a Blockchain Pioneer.
6 Dec ‘18  LCX Blockchain Sessions with Don Tapscott and Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
15 Jan ‘19 LCX joins World Economic Forum (WEF) as Member
7 June ‘19 LCX Terminal Launch
19 July ‘19 Product Update: LCX Terminal Expansion
6 Sept ‘19 LCX Joins Global Digital Finance (GDF) to shape Public Policy for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology
9 Sept ‘19 Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX Announces It Will Work With Wesley Snipes To Tokenize $25 Million Movie Project
9 Sept ‘19 LCX token Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on 
4 Dec ‘19 LCX token listed on CoinMarketCap
11 Dec ‘19 1st LCX Token Burn 
13 Dec ‘19 Celebrating 10’000 Users
30 Jan ‘20 LCX expands with new offices in India and Switzerland
19 Feb ‘20 The first LCX Terminal Trading Competition with 1 Million $LCX Tokens total pool prize.
29 Feb ‘20 Partnership with Formula 1 Delta Time
18 Mar ‘20 LCX Launches Cryptocurrency Reference Price Services
30 Mar ‘20 LCX Launches Smart Order Routing System for Cryptocurrencies
12 May ‘20 Partnership with ICON Foundation
3 June ‘20 Celebrating 50’000+ Users
12 June ‘20 LCX Joins International Token Standardization Association (ITSA)
26 June ‘20 Partnership with ZenGo Wallet
30 June ‘20 Partnership with LunarCRUSH
9 July ‘20 Partnering with Vectorspace AI 
11 Aug ‘20 Partnership with Chainlink
3 Sept ‘20 LCX Launches Social Signals for Cryptocurrency Trading
11 Sept ‘20 Partnership with Elliptic Blockchain Analytics
15 Sept ‘20 LCX Partners With Regula Forensics
29 Sept ‘20 Announcing Fire Salamander, Limit Orders for Uniswap build on LCX’s second layer blockchain protocol
14 Oct ‘20 LCX Facilitates Launch of Movie Security Token Offering
18 Dec ‘20 Announcing the LCX Exchange Demo Launch
30 Dec ‘20 LCX Receives 8 Blockchain Registrations from Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein
5 Jan ‘21 Launches Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange
9 Mar ‘21 Introducing the LCX Venture Program
12 Mar ‘21 Introducing The Liechtenstein Protocol
22 Mar ‘21 LCX Partners With Monerium to Introduce Tokenized Digital Money and Fiat Trading Pairs
25 Mar ‘21 LCX Joins OpenVASP Association
28 Mar ‘21 Partnership with Constellation Network
26 Mar ‘21 LCX Exchange Listed at Coingecko
29 Mar ‘21 LCX Merchandise Store
5 April ‘21 LCX Joins Celo Foundation as an Alliance Member
6 April ‘21 Introducing the LCX Uniswap Liquidity Rewards Program
14 April ‘21 Partnership with DigiByte Foundation
19 April ‘21 Partnership with Quant
21 April ‘21 LCX launches LCX Insights Live with an interview series of leading personalities
6 May ‘21 LCX.Com Introduces Digital Euro Fiat Integration at LCX Exchange
15 May ‘21 LCX Exchange Listed at CoinMarketCap
27 May ‘21 Introducing the LCX Uniswap V3 Liquidity Rewards Program
28 June ‘21 Tiamonds: Tokenized Diamonds
29 June ‘21 LCX Launches DEX Aggregator, Fire Salamander  2.0
8 July ‘21 LCX Token Launching at Changelly and Changelly Pro
19 July ‘21 Hedera Hashgraph And LCX Collaborate To Develop Infrastructure For Digital Securities
2 Sept ‘21 LCX and Polkadot Partnership To Advance Their Security Token Standard
13 Sept ‘21 LCX Roadmap 2021
17 Sept ‘21 Product Update: Fire Salamander Dex Aggregator
24 Sept ‘21 LCX Token Now Supported by Coinbase Custody
13 Oct ‘21 LCX Among Top Certified Exchanges Worldwide for Safety and Security
15 Oct ‘21 Partnership with Zilliqa
27 Oct ‘21 Introducing LCX Mobile 
3 Nov ‘21 LCX Token Now listed on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro
12 Nov ‘21 Partnership with DigiCorp Labs to facilitate DGMV Token Sale
16 Nov ‘21 LCX token hits all-time high of $0.7048
18 Nov ‘21 Announced TIA Token Airdrop 
22 Nov ‘21 Expansion to the USA: Introduction of LCX, Inc. USA
24 Nov ‘21 New Limited Edition Merchandise Collection Launch
29 Nov ‘21 Launch of DigiCorp Labs DigiMetaVerse (DGMV) Token Sale on LCX
3 Dec ‘21 Sandbox Metaverse Campaign on LCX 
17 Dec ‘21 Product Update: LCX Mobile

Final thoughts: 

LCX has made significant strides over the past few years. Let’s look forward to building new memories together in 2022. There is still a lot of work to do behind the scenes, so stay tuned for more great announcements, exciting news, and updates to come!

LCX History & Milestones
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