How Vesting is happening and how user can claim DGMV Tokens?

  1. Enter the amount of tokens to purchase. Select a currency for payment. Click on the buy DGMV button to purchase the tokens.

DGMV Vesting

2. The confirmation page will pop up showing all the details including Amount Needed, Amount to be Paid, Rate, Fees, and Vesting Period. Click on confirm pay to complete the purchase.

3. Confirmation screen will be shown, the amount of DGMV tokens bought successfully will be shown. A link to view more transaction detail will be shown.

4. Once the sale is ended the amount of tokens will be shown on the page. The total amount of DGMV bought and vesting amount and status will also be shown.

5. Once the amount is locked in a vesting contract (depending on the amount and time period), the user is able to access claimable tokens in their wallet.

6. Click the claim token button to release tokens. A pop-up window will appear.

7. To claim their tokens, users need to connect their Metamask wallet

8. Once the wallet is connected successfully, the user will see the collect token button

9. Users now need to confirm transactions on Metamask

10. On successful completion of the above transaction, the user can view the transaction details on Etherscan.

11. Upon confirmation of the transaction, the user will be notified and be able to access their claimed tokens in their wallet.