What is the TANG token and its use cases?

$TANG is the native token of Tangent Protocol. TANG token will primarily be used as a governance token to actively guide Tangent towards self-sustainability and community ownership.

The key use cases of the TANG token are as follows:

Governance: TANG will allow holders to participate directly in governance by voting on proposals related to the TANG token’s development and usage and the development and direction of the Tangent platform itself.

TANG holders will be able to vote to allocate TANG towards:

– Artistic Grants

– Strategic partnerships

– Governance Initiatives

– NFT bounties

– Additional NFT farming pools 

– Other programs

Tangent DAO: The Tangent DAO is a self-sovereign smart contract backed by $TANG, which will act as the governor and guiding force of the Tangent network. 

Trading: The token has been minted on the Cardano blockchain and will be a tradable asset that functions like most other native Cardano tokens.