What is the TYT token and its use-cases?

The Bounty Temple Token, called “TYT” for short, is the Governance Token for Bounty Temple. The total amount of “TYT” is finite, with only a maximum of 48M that can be minted from the Treasury.

Utilities include:

  1. Crafting : $TYT is used in crafting BTMs, which are required to play Bounty Temple.
  2. Staking : Put your $TYT to good use by staking them, thus compounding your earnings using the proof-of-stake model.
  3. Trading : $TYT serves as the currency for trading, both in-game and on the open market. Simultaneously, it will be utilized in the upcoming 100 games, creating additional utilities and garnering increased value within the community.
  4. Voting : When governance is introduced, $TYT will allow users to vote on future developments of Bounty Temple, thus providing $TYT owners equity in the project.